ZwiftPower Underreporting

Hello - I’ve noticed since the update bringing race results to Zwift’s website that the power numbers are not being pulled through to ZwiftPower, and therefore, also ZwiftRacing. Any idea why this is happening? And how it can be addressed?

I’ve uploaded a screenshot from the two websites from the same race showing this.

Hi @James_L-J. My name is Juan from Zwift. Thanks for flagging out this unexpected behavior. I comprehend how essential it is for you to see your correct results in Zwift Power to track your progress.

This is a known bug that we have been working on. We have a fix scheduled for tomorrow. I kindly ask for your patience and understanding.

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I’ve noticed the same problem recently for my last two events (4-1-24 and 4-3-24) in the last week. ZwiftPower seems to be significantly under reporting power intervals and normalized power when compared to and Strava. Anything prior to this seems fairly normal.

I think the big spin rides are stuffing up ZP and causing a lot of issues…

my group ride last night shows an average of 193w averaged, 174w normalized… and the power chart is massively wrong when compared to what got uploaded to intervals:

It appears to have happened to a teammate of mine, and we made the leap from a Big Spin ride right into the pens (not late join) of our group ride; as he too shows 200w average and … well it isn’t even visible 160 something normalized.
Something is very… very wrong.

We did a very hard 20 minute section as you can see on the left chart; which should’ve put me somewhere near 4.3-4.4 w/kg 20 minute; but ZP shows me at 2.9


Hello Juan - has there been any progress with this? I rode in Dirt Racing Series last night and again noticed a difference between power profile shown on ZwiftPower vs my ZwiftFeed (and actual power). Screenshots below - as you can see the ZwiftPower has the blue lightning so suggests it has the full FIT file but is still underreporting for the shorter times.

I’ve also noticed this from a Lap it up race a couple of days ago: