Accurace Issues

I’m not sure who, specifically, to contact in regards to this. I’ve been experiencing profile power inaccuracies on for at least my last few races where my 15 second power is showing lower for race results than it actually was. Today, for example, my 15 second avg power during the sprint was 10.9w/kg … however it is showing up on zp as 9.5wkg. Sunday’s race (however pathetic of a sprint it was) should have been 8.7wkg yet is showing on zp as 7.4wkg. Saturday’s race should have been 10.6wkg but it’s showing 6.2wkg.

What the hell is going on?

Is this some sort of zp site glitch, an event specific issue, or some gremlin infecting things on my end?

Hi Derek,

Have you changed your privacy settings on zwift?

If you see on zp now your last few riders have a green bolt rather than blue which means that the data is taken from live data rather than a post ride fit file being processed. The problem with live data it’s less frequent so does not capture shorter bursts of power very well.

If your zwiftpower privacy is set to private you will see this problem.

If he saves his rides in zwift as PRIVATE then he will always have green bolt in ZP and NO Fit file update.

sometimes it takes zwiftpower a few hours to update to the correct power but how are you knowing your power is incorrect?

Ah, yes, I have actually! Now that I think about it, that is exactly when I started to notice the issue. Going to have to switch back to public now I guess. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

I think you can set it to followers only as well should work.

Did not work for me last winter (didn’t try this season).

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