ZwiftPower 1min, 30sec and 15sec W/Kg Accuracy/Discrepancy

This has been happening for a while, and I am questioning the data that is being recorded for me on ZwiftPower… I have included images of the latest occurrence. Where race report displays higher values (I believe to be more like my actual effort) compared to the values reported later on ZwiftPower. Specifically the 1 min, (30sec) and 15 sec W/Kg. This also has a knock on effect to the overall peak power profile for me, not showing these max values (90 days)… There are other details I could elaborate on in addition to the fact after the last server maintenance coincided with me being dropped back to Cat C (coincidence maybe) but as I have other questions relating to my reported values… I wonder?

I am on Apple TV tvOS 17.3, and Wahoo Kickr Bike v2… and often using the Race Mode 10hz… Could this be the cause? Either way why would the Race Report values be so far off ZwiftPower values… I have more faith in the Race Report than ZwiftPower showing my actual efforts.

Wait for a while and then refresh. I saw similar yesterday for a while.

ZwiftPower hasn’t pulled in the FIT files yet, so you’re looking at the “live” data with roughly 30 second precision. When the FIT files have been absorbed, that green lightning bolt next to avg W/kg will turn blue. If it doesn’t turn blue after some hours, that can be caused by having your activity privacy setting not “Public”.

Hi David thanks… I have older examples going back over many weeks, and they never changed (updated)… I think Paul may have found a potential reason… As I am set to show my activities to just followers, and not public. I’ll experiment with it…

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Hi Paul… Thanks … Yes my activities are set to just followers and NOT public (anyone) … I’ll see if retrospectively changing it resolves it… And also change all my future activities to default to public for a while. I’ll experiment and keep an eye on things . :+1:

It won’t retroactively update all events, but if your latest event was recent enough it might happen

Hi Paul, Thanks again for your info… I had watched my latest event for a few days after changing it to PUBLIC… Nothing at first, but today it has updated and changed to BLUE BOLT… and the data matches… I wonder if this was automatically done or one of the support team manually pushed the FIT file, as a result of this Forum topic? Either way I’ll leave all my future activities to default to PUBLIC. :+1:

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