Data processed but <1min data incorrect

Anyone else have their power curve cut off at a low time interval?
I have several TDZ and race events where the in-game power curve shows 800+W for 15s, but ZP shows something low like 350W. Looks like the shorter interval data is just cutoff.
Most my sub 1minute data has been incorrect for several events now…

Known issue?


Looks like your Zwift activities may be marked as private as Zwiftpower is only using live data and not your fit file.

Looking on Companion App, the most recent activity available to public is Oct 2020.

Thanks Dean, I changed to public and also updated some recent races/group rides to public.
Will they update somehow on zwiftpower? Or will it just be future activities? I’m colourblind so it is funny that the lightning bolt is green for “live data” but I don’t notice these colour codes.

Future only unfortnately. Green vs blue is hard even for us that arent colour blind :laughing:

I have the same ongoing issue and my profile has always been public and appears to be the same for a lot of people right now - it is always the 15 sec data & particularly TDZ events, sprint data from Tuesdays race still hasn’t updated! :frowning_face:
Really hope this gets sorted as it’s very frustrating for everyone racing at the moment!

Unfortunately this seems to be occurring relatively frequently and not only reserved to WTRL and TdZ events; I posted something about this in another thread for our JETT event yesterday (zid=1645524) in which some riders have had their data fully/correctly processed while others - including myself - have not.

Traditionally on ZwiftPower - and I’m unsure as of why - power data appears in what I would refer to as three installments: The first is the almost immediate posting of results with just average power and ranking, then the second is when power data initially fills (and is always incorrect, as it is reported lower than actual), and then the third is when data is finalized and the correct metrics appear (20/5/1/30s/15s as well as average and max HR).

However, for yesterday’s aforementioned event, some riders seem to be stuck on that second installment, while others have been fully processed through all three installments. As a reference point, my 1m/30s/15s power for yesterday’s ride was 705w/957w/1048w but ZwiftPower is currently showing it as 384w/390w/396w; obviously a material discrepancy. A couple of weeks ago it happened to me in another event but with much less differentiation, so I thought it might be a one-time thing. However, this is obviously becoming too frequent and widespread over the past few days.

It seems like one debacle after another since Zwift has taken over ZwiftPower (remember the backlog of hundreds of thousands of fit files a few weeks back?)… not to mention the complete lack of transparency in dealing with suspect ride and riders (i.e. reporting someone who is riding at 7w/kg for 20 minutes yet nothing happens). All in all, this is extremely disappointing.

@Kelly_W_VVixen & @Reb_Beatty Geoffs problem is likely very different to yours - Geoff has kept all his activities private for some months and this will mean that he never gets FIit file based data showing in Zwiftpower. Whereas the issues you both mention are very likely attributable to the processing of fit files for some riders (that isnt related to privacy settings) and in particular WTRL, TDZ events (but not just those either!).

Keep an eye on this thread for updates from Zwift (Reb I see you have already contributed to it :+1:)