Incorrect power curve shown in ZwiftPower event

For the last races I’ve done recently, I’ve noticed that there is a discrepancy in power curve shown at the event summary on ZwiftPower and the curve shown in analysis (and on Strava for that matter). Critical power numbers are correct, it’s just the curve which flattens out at 728 W…
What’s going on here?

Curve shown in event:

Curve shown in analysis:

That happen if the file is not completely processed by zwift power. That is probably still a green lighting bolt (live data) once it turn blue it should look better.

Thanks for explaining! Now my question is: is it normal for events that are over a month old to not have been processed? I also notice that all event data with blue lightning bolts say “Source: Fit file” and all green say “Source: Live data”. I’ve had issues with my list of Activities not syncing recently, could that be related?

It can be, I would suggest looking into your network connection. You can drop your log file into and look at some stats.

No, I mean that my list of activities on my zwiftpower profile are not showing activities past a certain date:

Ok, it seems that this heavily relies on Zwift activities to be set to “Public” for ZwiftPower to be able to fetch and process it. The data in the .fit-file from Zwift is of higher quality than the Live data, hence the discrepancies in power curves.

I might have missed the note on the importance of Zwift activity privacy for this to work, but perhaps this should be more clearly communicated especially now that ZP is running on ZHQ servers and appears more closely affiliated with ZHQ.
Leaving this here for others that run into this.