My Zwift Power Duration Curve is Wrong

Over the course of several months, my Zwift Power Duration Curve has been consistently wrong:

I contacted Zwift about this a while ago and they told me it would sort itself out in a couple of weeks - we’re now several months down the line and it hasn’t!

As a comparison, here is my PDC from Garmin (Zwift sends its data to Garmin, so this is the same data):

If it was just a dodgy picture, I couldn’t care less. However, I understand that Zwift now uses the short duration power data, and the long duration power data, as parts of its Critical Power calculation. In turn, this is used for deciding racing categories and for enforcement. If this is true, I don’t see how they can use the data shown in my Zwift chart for these purposes.

I accept that the errors may have been caused by erroneous power spikes being picked up by Zwift (I’ve certainly had on instance of this; which gave me loads of unwarranted badges - I had them removed).

I searched back through all my TrainingPeaks data and found a couple of workouts with dodgy data - I removed the workouts; and their counterparts in my Garmin and Zwift accounts.

At this stage, I’ve done everything I can to ensure Zwift only has uncorrupted data - what more can I do?

This may be due to you having your profile set to private. See thread and answer in link below.

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Hi Ian,

It certainly looks like you’ve hit on a thread with the same problem.

Here is my ZwiftPower PDC, showing today’s ride:

And here is the PDC for today’s ride, as shown in my account:

I wasn’t aware my Zwift profile (or is it my ZwiftPower profile?) was set to private. I’m happy to change it, if it solves my problem. Any idea how?

Many thanks for the help.

Best Regards,

Peter C.

A quick extra note. I found the following privacy settings in the Zwift Companion app (settings → Privacy):

Activity Privacy Default: changed from “followers” to “public”
Approve Follow Requests: turned to “Off”
Private Messaging: turned to “Off”

Are these the settings I’m looking for?

I’m not Zwifting until Saturday now (intervals for running tomorrow), so I guess I’ll get back to you after my next Zwift ride.

Once again, thanks for your help.

Best Regards,

Peter C.


Yes I hope/expect that turning your Activity to Public will solve the problem. You will see next time you ride.

I’m not 100% sure but turning it to public might not retrospectively change those activities with green lightening bolt.

I noticed that you have just replied on the other thread. Nothing wrong with that but just to point out that often these are old posts which you can tell by the original post date. However James might reply with added information.

The main reason I showed you the link to read is that it saved me having to write out all the relevant information again.

Hope all is resolved on your next ride.


Good news!

Here is what I got after today’s group ride.
Initially (at the end of the ride), not so promising:

I checked on ZwiftPower and the PDC shown there didn’t look at all promising either.

I had to go into town today. With the walk home, the round trip was probably about three hours.

When I got back, I logged-in to ZwiftPower and re-checked my ride summary:

You can see that the average power is marked with a blue lighting bolt, indicating that the data source is a FIT file. When I checked earlier, this had green, indicating that the data source was live data. So, in the intervening couple of hours ZwiftPower must have received all the relevant data.

Next, I checked the PDC which ZwiftPower had for me.
Voilà - this time it was correct:

So, the take-home message does indeed seem to be that your activitity profile must be set to “Public” or the data won’t be parsed correctly.
A supplementary message may also be that you need to allow time for your data to parse completely.

As ever, many thanks for your help with this.

Best Regards,

Peter C.

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FYI, I have my profile default set to private, but when you “END RIDE” at the end of activity, you can change for that specific finished activity to Public before it saves and uploads. Seems to work fine on those activities I choose to save as Public.

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