Zwift Power - 'Power Curve' flatlining on false value?

My PD-curve has a constant value from 0 sec to 20 sec.
Something is blocking off all values over 527 Watts.
My WKO5-App is showing the correct curve though…

Why does ZwiftPower show a wrong curve?

Hi @Sten_Andersen

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That usually happen if not all the data is uploaded. give it a bit of time and it should update.

Change your Privacy settings to Public if you want accurate data; private or restricted activities do not allow zwiftpower to pull a fit file.


Thanks for the reply!
I changed my profile to ‘public’ and participated in a new race today.
The problem remains… no data from 1s to around 20 s on the PD curve, which shows a flat line.
I can see in another thread, that the problem is quite common…

You have to usually give the system a few hours to update after an event.

Green line is from your event today. Note also the blue lightning bolt on your profile indicating zwiftpower pulled a fit file.

Yes it works - thanks!!

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