ZwiftPower's powercurve doesn't match strava's

They don’t match, any ideas why?
15sec power on strava is 808W, zwift power is 378W
strava data is what zwift uploaded to it after my ride.

I have a very similar problem with a TOW event on April 06. Curiously, my power readings were similar to yours with 15s. on Strava at 829W and ZwiftPower has it at 415W.

Did you find a way to correct it?

nope. sorry


I have a similar problem with my powercurve in ZP.

@H_ugh_Jass and @Randy_Hermann - did you ever find a solution to this?

how long are you leaving it before looking at the power curve in zwiftpower? Sometimes it takes a few hours for the system to update correctly with the correct power

make sure your Zwift events are not private or zp won’t be able to pull the full fit file data.

Look on zp if you have a green bolt next to your event then zp does not have the full data so won’t be 100% accurate in particular for the short durations.