ZP 15s power never accurate

Is this a normal thing on zwiftpower? my max 15s power for a race will only very rarely reflect my actual best 15s power. It’s usually off by a lot, like I will do 10+w/kg for 15 seconds on the final sprint and in ZP it will have me at 6w/kg. It’s not a power meter issue, as I’m getting my actual 15 second best from the power curve in the game after the ride. Is it because most of my sprints are at the end of the race, and ZP doesn’t record to the end or something? I haven’t tested with busting out a max sprint in the middle of a race or group ride to see if it gets it then. Just curious if this is a known thing, or somehow there’s something unique about my setup

One possibility is that you have your events tagged as private in Zwift so ZP isnt using your fit file. What’s your ZP ID# and do you correlate the data against a 3rd party site like ICU, Strava or Elevate?

I had a similar issue today, did the ahdr bbq and did a couple of 20-30 second sprints that Zwift game shows maxed just over 1,000 watts but when I checked ZP it has flat lined at 541 watts up until about 30 seconds. It showed my best 30 second power (never really done too Many all out sprints while fresh) but my 15 second power was 541 watts where my power curve is flat lined.

Ok, mine was just data lag. Checked ZP again and it’s updated the 15 sec power so all good.

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