Power curve flat for the first 8 seconds

Just when I mark my PB for 15 seconds, I happily go to the event in Zwiftpower (ID: 1536921) to get a screenshot to brag a little, when I notice that my reported 15-sec power is very low. When I go to the power curve, I see that the first 8 seconds are completely flat:

The correct curve can be seen in my dual recording analysis, and it looks quite different:

The same is true for other riders on the same event:

I spotted the similar pattern in a different event (ID: 1542230), so this seems to be a widespread bug. Here’s a screenshot with the power curve for the top 10 riders of that event:

probably your Zwift activities’s privacy is “private”, set it to “everyone, public”, otherwise the ZP cant process your FIT file and from live data the power curve looks like this on shorter intervals due to the not-1sec-resolution from live data.

My rides are already public. This happened to all riders, not just me, and also in other events. It is a Zwiftpower bug, not a problem in one rider’s settings.

Do your rides have the green or blue bolt next to them?

Live data can’t capture such instant power changes so it needs to wait for the fit file (blue bolt) If you are not seeing that then i’d suggest raising support call and waaaaaaaait.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been killing myself to up my 15s power and have been TOTALLY frustrated by the difference between my Strava stats and zwiftpower.

All of them have the blue one, so the source is a fit file.

i checked this event power curves, who has blue flash, the power curve is good, who still has green flash , the power curve is flat. So i think there is no ZP bug there in Power Curve feature, (my curves are also ok on every events) , somewhy too much riders have green flash symbol there so the datas are not good yet.

Indeed, that seems to be the case, which still seems like a bug, because as I said, I had my analysis created, where the fit file is already processed and the graph showing correctly, so why not show that in the race results as well?

Probably when the FIT file is already at ZP server (so You can select it for dual recording) the deep analysis is not started . so #1 FIT file/s/ copied from Zwift’s cloud to ZP server (it has a high priority imho). #2 the process is starting on the already copied FIT file/s/. #3 the deep analysis is complete. And You tried to check the Power Curve graph between the #1 and #2 steps . It is my opinion but i’m just assuming it :slight_smile: