Power numbers big issue

There seems to be an issue where 1min 30s and 15s power are showing the same values. Its like the system cant see power within a 1 min interval.

It doesnt affect all riders but if you look at race results more than 80% of field are affected

What color are the little lightning bolts? If green, they are not fully analyzed yet and still pulling “live” data. Once they turn blue it should be accurate.

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Zwiftpower can take a few hours to fully update the fit files

They are green.

I havent got a blue bolt in a year (30+ events)

Whats weird is some of those events i have different value over the power range so i dont think this answers it fully.

I think zwift isnt picking it up properly?

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Yeah but im talking about events from weeks ago too.

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In that case my guess is that you are saving your rides as Private. You need to save them as Public on Zwift in order for your fit file to get uploaded and analyzed on ZP.

you are not making your rides public then, that’s why they are green and showing incorrect data

I see the same now and then but gets sorted once event is fully processed. Looking at your profile, you tag all your events as private (since Jan last year) so unless you are prepared to change activity privacy setting nothing will change.

I checked some of your events that had that issue - those riders with similar/same data in the 1min/30s/15s columns have activities tagged private. Others in those events with public activities have normal looking data. Out of the several events I checked, I couldn’t find one rider with public data where the 1min 30sec and 15sec were the same.

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Same for me. Last blue lightning bolt Jan 15th 2022… identical values 15s-5min… But for instance intervals.icu is showing the numbers I really did.

To set it public? Where do I have to look at how I did it? I looked at ZP settings and Zwift settings.

There may be other places to go but:

Into Companion App
Activity Privacy Default

Refresh Profile in ZwiftPower and see if this brings a blue bolt on your last completed ride. It may not go back further than one or two ride but should then work for you moving forwards.


Set it like this now, thanks. But it worked with the old setting public just for followers until a year ago. Perhaps it needs a day until it gets blue… But I don´t know if that´s the reason. It seems normal until
Jan 28th 2023. Then the last update came and it´s showing the same numbers 15s <–> 5min…

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It’s definitely the reason Ernst. Your activities have to be public for the fit file to be processed.


These answers are credible except some of my events have power numbers across the range. So it’s not a conclusive answer.

You´re right James. I set it public, now the lightning bolt of my last race turned to blue and the individual numbers down to 15s show up differentiated.

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