6 races since 19/1 (18 days ago) and only have 20min power for 2 races on Zwift power


Ive done 6 races since 19/1 and only have 20minute power on power for 2.

I think my power has gone up and Im in A anyway.

Just wondering is this something that I am doing wrong? Or how does it get processed?
If I am posting in the wrong place apologies.

Also wondering why I have all green lightning bolt since 0ctober last year when I got last blue lightning bolt -I can understand TTT due to delayed starts, but that accounts for about half of my races.

Thank you.


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See Missing Live Data Update

Thanks, Steve,

In some ways, thank ■■■. I thought it was something I was doing wrong.
A bit, well quite a lot of patience required.


Oh wow Zwift forum has blanked out the ecumenical. Poor all powerful Deity.
Zwift will probably end up in somewhere hotter than the Watopia volcano for their slow 20min results and what sounds like a hostile takeover of Zwift power (which has gone to the dogs).

Are your activities public?
Zwiftpower cannot use your fit files if they are private.

they have 5 min power. If the events were shorter than 20 min that would make sense. But it’s no harder to calculate 20 min power than 5 min power.

I think so - how to I check/change them if not

No there all 30-50 min races ish

Check in Companion, Activities.

Good man Milan - there were a load as “private” which Ive now changed to public - so probably was my fault all along

Presume now just wait for zwift power to pick them up ?

Hopefully that’s it

Ill report back if it worked

I am not sure if they can do it, perhaps e-mail zwiftpower@zwift.com. Or try the update request? You can find in the race results, see attachment:

@xflintx - could you please report if it is possible? Curious, too.

Thanks, ride on!

We’re sure - thought not 100% sure - that the missing 20 minute power is linked to the missing live data, which is to say there’s an issue that seems to have no rhyme or reason as to who it affects wherein the data doesn’t update as you would expect.

We’ve logged these issues in for our engineering team to look at, and they’re working on it, I assure you.


Thanks Flint - really appreciate the effort.
To be honest I think its not really all zwift powers issue - the settings I have on zwift were set to private.
Ive gone back as Milan (thank you) suggested and change recent races to public. As I said at the start Im A so doesn’t really matter that much (apart from my street cred).

The most recent one changed blue. The rest are still green lightning bolts.
Ive clicked the d [Data incorrect? Request an update] tab but it doesnt seem to do anything for the other races.

Hopefully having changed the setting to public this will help going forward and my “street cred” will be improved

Again thanks for replying and the efforts.


Ive emailed see what happens Milan thank you

So an update - I emailed zwift power a week ago, and they said they’d look into it.
Ive changed to activities public.
The 4 races still don’t have 20min

Most of my recent races do and those that don’t have nearly half of the field that don’t have results - so I think the setting private was the answer.

Still think though that not having 20min on a race done a week ago isn’t great.
The biggest thing is a least Im normal now - as in I think the main reason was set to private.