Missing Live Data Update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to provide you all with an update as well as a single thread to respond to the various threads you’ve all been diligently updating regarding your missing data.

For those of you still seeing your data is incomplete or inaccurate, please do not start a new thread. Instead, look for the existing thread that most closely matches the issue you’re seeing. This helps us to keep all the information from your reports in just a few places and helps us not to miss any details.

Here is where we stand on the missing live data issue at this time:

  • We are aware of the fact that certain races - noticeably WTRL events - are not showing live data, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who shows and who doesn’t.
  • At this time, we have more than enough information to be confident in the sample events we need to look at in order to start looking for solutions. Thank you for your reporting; you all come through swiftly and accurately when it comes to helping us find issues.
  • There is no timeline as of yet that I can provide you to let you know when you might expect to see your data properly reflected. It also may not all be recoverable, though I know that’s not a great scenario so we’ll do our best to have it all show; I can make no guarantees on this, though.
  • We are not able to manually fix missing data, as that is both too time consuming for us to do given the size of our ZwiftPower team and will potentially exacerbate the issue further, creating more unforeseen complications.

If you’ve recently written to us at zwiftpower@zwift.com, thanks! I’m going through that inbox personally and will do my best to make sure we get all the information and respond to every one of you in a timely manner. As I mentioned, we are a small team doing the ZwiftPower work right now, so there is some delay with those emails.

Keep your eyes on this thread, as I’ll do my best to post updates as necessary. Again, I don’t have a timeline, and we understand this is an important aspect of racing on Zwift and using ZwiftPower.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and patience.

Ride On.

thanks for trasparency @xflintx

Hope all is fixable because this is a big issue and in TTT like zrl fake a lot of things
in this race events.php?zid=1542028 i basically won TTT and lost my best 20’ effort + swap to A rider from A+.
very very bad as situation

If only there was someone out there could help.


This is a non wtrl example. zid=1610599

Exactly so. Do you know anybody James? If we could just identify that person life would go on so much smoother…



Missing data power for this race as well. Non WTRL event



Both of my last two events are also missing and neither are WTRL, so frustrating.


zid=1589710 - Non Wtrl event missing power

zid=1542204 - WTRL event missing data


Same here, non WTRL event. Missing live/fit data.

No update on this one as of yet, so we’re still at the same spot we were when I posted originally: investigating.

We have some good leads and thoughts as to what might be going on and are working diligently on making sure we comprehend the issue from top to bottom so that when it’s fixed, we feel confident in the fix. We’ll continue to keep you updated.

zid= 1546702

Hope it will happen soon mate, this bug cause me lost of my best 20’ w/kg and watts ever and chance to upgrade to A at A+ Category :slightly_frowning_face:

Same issue here which looks like the app crashed as I was exiting the event after it was over. I was able to get Fit file off of the my.zwift to import into Strava and Garmin Connect but my data only shows partial numbers for the Tour de Zwift stage 6.

Keep us posted if the file can be fixed on your end.

Hours later and currently no data for the WTRL ttt zone 7…

Today is looking like a repeat of last week, unfortunately. I’m aware that it takes a lot of the fun and reason to race in ZRL out of the event when the live data is missing.

We’re actively speaking with WTRL and working between us to find out what the cause is and to roll out a solution. We still don’t have a timeframe for how long we expect this to take, and we’re just not serving you up PR answers, that much I can assure you.


Update from my side, happened for a third time now (never WTRL), <z=1138776>:

  • <zid=1673342> wrong processed 20 min data (19 watts of w.r.t. .fit on ZP).
  • <zid=1610582> no processed data, .fit file available on ZP.
  • <zid=1536864> no processed data, .fit file available on ZP.

So from my 8 latest ZP rides, 3 seem to be wrong (3 times my ‘best (as it does not update)’ 20 min too).

Note that no ride was WTRL, but they did ran in parallel with these events and that all .fit files are available on ZP, where I can also analyse them in the time domain.

Hope this helps!

Hi @xflintx ,

Could you take a look at yesterdays WTRL Team Time Trial Platinum League (18:10GMT)

A number of riders have had the results processed but there are many that have partially complete data - with many missing the 20 min power values.

I know you are working to identify the problems and have seen the updates but it would be good if this could be looked into specifically.


Unfortunately this appears to be an issue in our JETT Base Ride yesterday (zid=1645524) in the sense that much of the data is incomplete or incorrect.

I realize that generally what happens with ride data in ZwiftPower is that there is an initial input of information and then that data is later finalized (i.e. originally reported 20/5/1/30s/15s power increases once finalized). However, for yesterday’s event, this has only occurred for some riders while others - including myself - are stuck at those initial input amounts. To illustrate, looking at my Strava data from the same ride, my power information is as follows:

20m: 373w (ZwiftPower is reporting only 365)
5m: 413w (ZwiftPower is reporting only 374)
1m: 705w (ZwiftPower is reporting only 384)
30s: 957w (ZwiftPower is reporting only 390)
15s: 1048w (ZwiftPower is reporting only 396)

As you can see, there are huge discrepancies, especially for the 1m/30s/15s power (this is a base ride with a consistent pace with the exception of the last 1km that is a mini-race and hence a bit of increased power at the end). Other riders in the same ride had their data finalized several hours after the race but again, my data - and those of many others - remains stuck at that first/intermediate point.

Thank you in advance for taking a look at this and correcting it, if possible.

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