Missing data from several races

Several riders, incl me, are missing data (20 min, 5 min etc) from last nights Tour de Zwift Innsbruck at 18:00 CET. Me and many others are also missing the same data from Zwift Racing League Jan 19 at 19:25 CET (emea e2 div2). Will this be sorted out or is the data permanently unretrievable for some reason?


Likewise I’m missing the detail data from my 1/23/21 [ZSUN Base Builder] ride.

Same here for Stage 6 Innsbruck 16h00 New York time jan 29

Same here. Data missing and results not applicated to my power data accurately. Did a race where my avg power was 383w for 22min56sec yet my maximum 20min shows 371w. my 5min, 1min and 15sec max power aren’t accurate. what’s going on?

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Yep, same here. My last 2 rides have all the data missing. Everything is fine with the .fit files in Zwift and Strava and they can also be loaded into the Zwiftpower Analysis tool directly from Zwiftpower by selecting the event, so not sure why the information doesn’t populate on the Zwiftpower results?

Same for event 1610451 and 1542028.

Same for me. Last two races I have no data and a green power symbol. Saying data is from live data instead of fit file.

My rides are set to public.




This has happened to a number of riders in the last two weeks or so. There are numerous threads with these tales of woe, including mine. Hopefully they can recover the detailed data for the events in question but most of us have lost hope.

This is really something Zwift needs to address because if they cannot manage the data responsibly then what’s the point of the exercise? Losing data from an event you’ve blown your guts out on is very demoralizing. I’ve lost two TdZ events that I expected to have several PR’s in and now I’ll never know…


I share your thoughts. Going all out and not having those efforts accurately recognised is really frustrating. Especially when you’re trying to move up a cat.

I’ve emailed zwift power about two of the TTT events where my fit file had not been synced across that would most definitely move me up a category as the live data is way out. A lot of others have similar issues but no resolve.

Hopefully I will have an email response soon and the data updated :pray:

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Unfortunately they (Zwift) don’t give a s**t about your data in Zwiftpower.


It’s starting to become “what’s the point?”

I have been trying to upgrade as its a goal of mine, and slogged my guts out in a TT to have made it (by my calculation).

So if we are supposed to be graded by 20min power, then we need data. And if we are going to change to results based cats then we need that done quickly. Both of which aren’t happening well at the moment.

I’m wishing now that I could pay for the original Zwiftpower designer and Sticky to still run everything. Now I’m paying Zwift for a buggy game and incomplete results site :rage:


Keep us updated please

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Another race and no power data. Looking through todays results, pretty much no one has fit files processed. Zwift has broken Zwiftpower :confused:


I am missing data from my race yesterday. About 4 or 5 other riders across all cat’s missing there data. It appears the fit.files were not processed. Very frustrating.
|Event ID| 1610536
|Group ID| 1975814
|Zwift ID| 2015115

I am missing data from a race today along with a couple others in the race.

Not even a response from Zwift. Does anyone even work at Zwift?

|Event ID|1610625|
|Group ID|1976043|
|Zwift ID|1107786|

No response to my E-Mail yet mate and nothing has changed on ZP.

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They don’t work - it is weekend.

I am missing the segment data from the fierce felines race yesterday as are a handful of other riders. Since it was my best performance to date I would really like the 20min segment data recorded and as the 10 sprints were the main reason for riding, it would be good to have the shorter segment data too, can’t understand why it’s there for 90% of racers and not others. On another note, not a single one of my zwift academy segment data was captured…it’s very frustrating! I race regularly and most of my other races have been fine.

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Considering my 4 last races, my data are missing, but the other competitors got their data (just 3 or 4 person haven’t their data, but each time I’m one of these. Can you fix that?
Tank you!


Last 3 group rides my data is missing too. No w/kg values and no max hr, only avg values are appeared.