Missing Data From a Race- position & time are right but others are missing or off

Raced in Cat B Flat is Fast Stage 2 today. Came at the very back of the lead pack. Came 37th. :unamused:
Looking at the race on ZP all the other riders seem to have full data but my data has gaps and inaccuracies.

The position & time are correct but everything else seems to be off.
My Max HR seems to be lower than my Average HR. According to my recording my Max HR was 174.
My 1min, 30sec & 15 Secs seem low and there is nothing for 5min or 20min.
Has this ever happened to anyone before?
Anything I can do about it?

You’ll need to wait for the green lightning bolt to turn blue (assuming the ride data isn’t set private). It takes some time for that to happen.

What does Green/ Blue mean?
Just had another look and I seem to have disappeared completely from the results and the ride isn’t showing in my profile any more either.

Green means live data which I believe is polled every 30 seconds. Blue means the FIT file has been processed so that’s the high resolution data. It’s normal for the power numbers to be flattened before the FIT file is processed.

I’m not sure why the event disappeared from your profile.

Paul was on the money - you don’t share any of your event activities publicly - all your ZP events are using live data.

FYI, I can see that particular event under your ZP profile.

OK. Not sure what I need to do to share my event activities publicly.
Is that a Zwift thing or a ZP thing?
The event has returned to my ZP but not updated.

Zwift Companion App thing …

[Android] Companion App > Settings > Privacy - change Activity Privacy to Public.

Once done, all events going forward will use fit file within a few hours of event ending. You may get latest event updated by hit the “request update” in upper left but it may not work given the time since the event finished.