Incorrect power data in results

Hi, anyone know why a lot of my race results power data is inaccurate, for example 1min 30’s and 15’s wkg all showing 4.3. Should be way higher. This is happening quite frequently.

Many thanks

Do you weigh 93 kg ?

sometimes it takes zwiftpower a few hours to fully update the fit files and show the correct values but i’m going to guess something might not have worked correctly as when trying to view your data it is showing work in progress rather than your data

Thanks, any reason why this would be happening regularly to me?

have you changed any privacy settings as it looks like end of January something changed from processing your fit file to live data, this can be seen as its currently a green bolt rather than blue, normally this is a privacy setting issue

Privacy setting within zwift companion? I had it set to private now changed to public.

After you change the activity to public, you have to go to ZwiftPower event page and click at “request further update”.

Once the queue is processed several minutes later, you should see the lightning bolt color to change to blue next to avg watts (tooltip will say: fit file) and the power numbers will not be cut.

I have just tried that for few of my recent activities concerned by this issue and it is fixed now! Thanks to others for the tips here :+1:.

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Great thank you. I’ll give it try also

Hmm,I did the same but none of my results have updated after requesting further update. I have changed to public in zwift companion app. :man_shrugging:

Not sure what the the cut-off timeline is but seems to be you can reset your very recent events but not your older events. Zwift have the ability to reset older activities but I wouldn’t expect they would do this.

It worked for recent ones (one week) but not for anything longer.

But at least we know that next time we are saving race activity, we should change the privacy to Public.