Zwiftpower did not upload my data from race

In the companion app all the data shows for my Frr race at 18:30 cst tonight Oct. 25th. I was curious if there is anyway of getting that data retrieved and out into zwiftpower so my place counts and I have my data?

Welcome to the forums Michael.

I’m also doing that series but had to take a break today as the 1st 3 events broke me!

I checked ZP and you are listed in the non-finishers list. In other words, Zwft’s fit file didn’t come over likely due to a data issue. Also note that you dont appear in the finishers list in Companion App which is a symptom of data error between you and Zwift servers (somewhere).

Email Richard at he can hoepfully sort it out for you. Same happened to me and 4 others today in the stage 5 10.15UTC race - he’s just come back to me to manually adjust in his FRR website results.
Neil Atherton

You can also check the status of your results on ZP - do you have a blue or green lightning blot next to the ave watts figure. Blue bolts are apparently better - all the data is available for ZP to use. You can switch this on the ZC app on the race in question by clicking on the pencil ( top right corner) and opening the results to public from just followers). Apparently this gives ZP more info. Look for threads on ‘lightning-bolts-green-to-blue’ in this forum

Thanks, I have emailed race control and have a ticket open with zwiftpower to see if theres a fix. All the other options were correct so no luck there. The race was fun regardless. Thanks for the help.