Race results still incomplete, my fit file not accounted for

I raced here this week-end. The event id is : 1716502 (can’t put links here)
and there are still two pending metrics. I’ve tried to request for an update many time and it’s not happening.

My main issue is that my real metrics (from the fit file) are not taken into account (green arrow), which is a bummer for me because I did 5.2wkg @ 20mn for the first time and I would love to have my profile updated so I can get closer to the next category.

Is there any way an admin can “hard reset” that race so we get all the results ? looking at the old forum, it seems that re-running the results on a specific race might help…


The Zwiftpower team have been working on this problem for sometime. Send an email to zwiftpower.com with the event id, your ZP profile (ID) and when they get a fix for the problem, they’ll get yours sorted.

Dont expect anything soon - this problem has been there for some time but you can keep up to date by following this:

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