Live data delays during today's ZRL races

Hey ZRL racers:

We’re aware of live data information not coming through on today’s Zwift Racing League events. It seems to have affected events that were held in the European time zones.

We’re troubleshooting the root causes and working on a fix.


So whislt issues are nto ideal I think being proactive with posting and comms is a great step.

Stuff will always happen - communciation will be key and a great opportunity for the team at Zwift


Hey @shooj cheers for update. Sorry to ask this. Just to check (for my pretty basic brain capacity):-

Does that mean that if Zwift crashed immediately after you crossed the line on the Time Trial Event, that you might be able to retrieve the race data?

As it stands, it’s just posted the session to a normal ‘France’ workout and nothing appears on ZP.

Just wondering if it is retrievable? Nothing serious of course, but getting back a team member/position/points would be cool thing.

As @Jeremy_Hopwood_C said - stuff happens, cheers for proactivity.

Tme for an update on what’s happening in this matter?
No power data yet from ZRL this Tuesday.


There’s another thread running for precisely this issue Dan bud.