ZRL Rider - didn't show the finish banner

Morning guys,

We had a Problem with one Rider, Team Peta-Z at yesterday’s ZRL race. He had a bug/problem as he was not disconnected after finishing, actually, the finishing banner didn’t show up. He appears on sprints and segments at ZP but not at the end of the race (logo).

We’ve send some screenshots from Zwiftpower to RaceControl WRTL as well as Zwift support but did smbd have that Problem earlier?


Sounds like he had an unfortunate disconnect from Zwift’s servers near the end of his race.

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Thx for the answer,

The point is that on the ZRL webpage, his finish time is even shown…

We know the problem.
Do we have any solution? Or it is a lost cause and must say good bye to all those race points that take us to the first position in our league.

Yeah, what’s happened is that there was a dropout at some point of a non-trivial length. WTRL received a finishing time as he crossed the line, but due to the dropout they will class your rider as DQ’d, I’m afraid. You can try asking them of course, but don’t get your hopes up. I understand the frustration - I’ve had this happen for some of my club’s teams in the past too.

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From the ZwiftPower side of things there’s very little we can do to amend missing results from a network dropout. Our tools allow us to re-scan and repopulate the results to look for anything that was missed, but if it wasn’t picked up due to a network drop and not due to an issue with the original scan then it won’t help. On the WTRL side of things that’s entirely up to them.