ZRL race results

After completing Park perimeter New York on Tuesday the one sprint that I went for I have received nil points in WTRL’s race results. Live results gave me 8th place also ZP gave me 8th place.

I have contacted WTRL through the normal channel and the reply was they get the Live API (?) info from Zwift and this occasionally does not match with the Live Stream or what is on ZP!?!

Anyone else had this issue??

That doesn’t sound right. There is this issue - ZwiftPower Event Primes does not show correct categories results anymore - #77 by JamesBailey - but that wouldn’t seem to apply to this week’s race since Park Perimeter Loop doesn’t have a sprint that coincides with the finish line.

That issue was fixed a few weeks ago.

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I can understand why it wouldn’t match with Zwift, as that leaderboard is the fastest time through the segment, not first across the line. Strange that it doesn’t match with ZP though. I assume you mean the ZP primes tab?

Can you link the the race please?

WTRL- Division: EMEA Central Division B2 (Men’s/Mixed) - 233B2

Not sure which 8th you are referring to.

Zwiftpower shows you as being 8th across the line at start/finish of lap 2, but this wasn’t a segment, only the sprint banner got points.

You were also 8th FTS on lap 1, however FTS is taken over the whole race, and a number of riders beat your time on laps 2 & 3 so your time was not in the top 10 over the course of the race.


Oh Right!!

Obvs I was thinking FTS through each lap!!

Man that’s tough. :sweat_smile:

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