Thought I won the sprint but ZwiftPower says I was way off

Hi there all, not sure if this is a problem with my brain or my understanding of Zwift/Zwiftpower.

Rode the shorter TOW Serpentine 8 ride today, rode a pretty good race (it was a race for me, anyway :), and was in a group of 5 riders approaching the finish line. I went at the right time and thought I’d outsprinted them all comfortably to take 5th place (had my head down and didn’t see anything come up on screen). ZwiftPower says I was third in that group taking 7th place, and that the 5th place rider was a full 7s ahead of me.

Did I misread the screen in a sweaty haze, or is this a thing with Group Rides? Did they maybe start later than I did?

Your screen don’t always show what others see, it depends on your internet speed , ping and computer fps.

ZWIFTPOWER is looking from the server side.

If you watch the Zwift racing broadcast you will see that many times the guy first across the line is not the winner.


Well, have to say I’m a bit disappointed if that’s really the case. Just makes the end of the race completely random, no? If the guy I see riding beside me has actually already started sprinting I’m not going to beat him even if I should have.

Can anyone confirm?

Same race, two views.

Interesting, thank you. Rider’s positions on the road are a bit different there, but noone is more than a metre or two further forward or back.
Doesn’t look anything like 7 seconds difference - at sprint pace that would be more than a screen’s worth of distance, I’d have thought?

If you look at his (the 5th place person) he has green lightning bolt (meaning live data, not fit file). If you look at his power curve, this confirms that his data is not accurate. Nothing to worry about, just Zwiftpower bugs that they havent got around to fixing.

You tracked the ride down! Thanks for making the effort :slight_smile:

6th place wasn’t live data though - and also, surely whether or not their power data was accurate would not make them appear behind me on my screen but finish way ahead in the race results?

Yeah I dont know about the 6th placed person. The thing I would caution is that Zwiftpower’s integrity isnt what it was before Zwift took it over last year so dont get too hung up on the odd erroneous result. Even in proper races (configured as races rather than group rides), results sometime cant be explained these days.

OK, thank you. I will disregard and carry on!

Just noticed it as it was my best result to date so looked a bit harder than I normally would.

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Here’s it happening in a ProAM race!

Thanks Mike. That is just ridiculous! Makes a mockery of the result.