Race results query

hello, just curious regards the results of this race

Atom Racing Team DD Race

Today 11:45

the result time seems to be in seconds only, yet it was 36km long? All cats went off together, and I was in first group on road, with maybe 2 or 3 other cat C riders for a while, then I got dropped and came in with 2nd group on the road, where i was in top 4 over the line, so these results dont make any sense on any level.

Not seen this before, and wondered if it was a bug or maybe Ive missed something somewhere.

Looks like it’s not configured correctly and it’s showing the fastest time on the sprints rather than time of the race

yeah i thought same, on the zwift results themselves i was 7th, so its def wrong

who do you moan to about this, the organiser or the mods here?

Organiser please.

Forum moderators can’t do anything about a race result.

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How do we get in touch with race organisers?

Please don’t say Facebook


I’ve dropped him a message for you.


Such a crap way to run the system it’s unbelievable really

Thanks mate, it’s been fixed now

I couldn’t resist that one…glad it’s sorted