Zwift NL Race Day - Wed 16th - 7.00pm GMT

Hi, I entered this event in Category C tonight. Event info stated it was 4 laps for Cat C and D ( 5 laps for A and B ). I completed 4 laps but I never appeared in results and after checking a few other competitors near me didnt appear either.

I just wondered if I missed something ( aside from not completing 5 laps :slightly_smiling_face: )


Since Zwiftpower hasnt processed all race data from past day or so this is an informed guess, but extrapolating finishing times for all Catโ€™s, everyone had to do 45kโ€™s. You finished at 35.5kmโ€™s. I could answer more definitively once ZP processes your race.

Its part of a series and is points based, maybe check in with the race organiser as it is normal for them to offer reduced laps for Cat D at least and maybe Zwift didnt configure the race correctly (hence event info was different) but no-one picked it up??

Thanks Dean๐Ÿ‘

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