Got removed from results in my own organized event!

As part of the WKG team on Zwift we’re setting up all kinds of races.
Yesterday evening we had our weekly Mini Crit.
I joined as a C cat, which i am, based on my 100+ completed races on Zwiftpower

I finished in first place after i pulled off one of the best sprints of my life holding around 800 watts for 30 seconds, but i got immediately removed from the results.
I can achieve these powernumers as i’m a very big and heavy guy weighing in at 110 kg.
You can check the consistancy of my power on ZP
I use a Tacx Neo as my trainer.

I managed to average 321 watts for around 15 minutes.
I understand this is above average of a C cat rider, but my w/kg is “only” 2,9 for the ride, which puts me way at the bottom of the race results.

Why is it, that zwift removed me from the results? I am racing fair and square!

It looks more like an error with Zwift than you acutally being removed from any results since you dont appear in the finishing list on either Zwift Power or Zwift companion, even though I can see the race saved to your list of activities.

So I think it’s unlikely that you’ve been removed for winning it, but something odd seems to have happened. Did anything unusual happen after the race finished?

Thanks for the quick respond.
Nothing unusual happend. i got taken to the normal race results like every other race, i noticed my name in the C cat and the next seconds my name was gone!

It’s only my second win ever in the C cat, and i’m really proud of what i achieved, so it’s extra harsh that i’m not taken into the results.
Is there any way of fixing me back into the results? or just have to accept and move on?

You could try emailing Zwift support but my hopes for anything happening would be pretty low.

At least you don’t have to wait long for the next race :grinning: