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Hello, I don’t often participate in races, but I spontaneously participated in one yesterday. zid=3379736

I chose Category D, I am definitely too weak for Category C. However, I now realize that I was not even rated “WKG”, the race only lasted 16 minutes and of course I can reach a higher wattage in that time than over 40 minutes.I naturally went to my limit and was also somewhat proud of the result. I would also like to participate in more races, but I don’t quite understand why this was not rated now.

Is this a disqualification or a strike now?

Thanks for your hlep

It’s not a strike against you to be excluded from the results. Nothing to worry about there.

You had a great performance and showed that you probably are ready to join C races. Your history from earlier in the year shows some good power numbers for D, but now you are quite a bit lighter so your W/kg will be higher if you can produce the same power. It looks like this was not a category enforcement (CE) race, so it uses your 90 day history in ZwiftPower as your designated category. I suspect if you did your best 20 minute power in 3 races you would probably be a C in ZwiftPower. You might want to check your Category Enforcement data to see if you can still enter D races that use CE. To see that, go to the site, click on My Feed, then My Profile, then More Info. Or find a CE event and see if you’re excluded from joining D.

OK, thanks for your Reply - i will check out, and maybe i will reach Cat C if i train a bit more :wink:

Something I don’t fully understand is how can you get a WKG on your race if it is less than a 20 minute race. I’m sort of assuming that the WKG relates to the upper limit of race category plus a slight 0.2wkg (or suck like) leeway ?

Clearly if you have a really good 16 minute race there is a chance this could have been carried on at close to the same average power for 20 minutes but at what time duration do you draw the line? If the race is only 9 minutes long can you still get a WKG on your result?

I’m wondering whether the race was set up correctly or was based on a longer than 20 minute race format.

@DejanPresen seems to understand ZP race setups and disqualifications - I wonder if he can enlighten me?

Yeah that does seem odd. Finishing time was 14:05.

Yes I took OP listed race time and forgot to check race results and actual time.

He was manually DQ with WKG by race organizer. Zwiftpower will only look at 20min Wkg for this Tag. Others that have UPG were auto DQ by ZP because they entered lower category.

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Zwftpower does make an estimate of 20min power also for shorter races. You can see this on the Unfiltered results page, in the rightmost column.

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Thank you for your reply.

[Edit - how do you know it was a manual decision to dsq - is there a way to tell at my end ? ]

Thank you, I’m learning everyday. That almost sounds like the forerunner of CE - estimating what you might have done had you gone on and done 20 minutes at full effort :innocent:

But now checking what you have outlined:

Are you talking about the ‘category’ column in light blue?
If so the OP has a figure of 2.65 w/kg in that column.
Yes this is a little above 2.5 w/kg D cat limit.
And at first glance might appear to warrant a dsq.
But as ZP uses average of best three performances it is quite likely that you can rightly enter a Cat D race with just one of your three counting performances being over 2.65 w/kg.
You then repeat your best ever qualifying performance and you are disqualified for it.
That doesn’t quite seem right to me.

Call me old fashioned but you shouldn’t be disqualified for over performance - you should be promoted for over performance.

[Edit - I appreciate this is not your system, and certainly appreciate your helpful reply, I’m just throwing my logic out there ]

I noticed this is what happens in EVO events. We had a guy smash it in a long break, and his results were tacked on to the bottom of the next category, not the one he entered. (CE event)

It does seem like a kinder outcome than DQ.

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Zwiftpower uses a power curve for races less than 20 minutes and if you exceed that limit you can get a WKG.

S_ticky_KRT mentions it in this thread and that links to the original ZwiftPower forum where you could probably find more information. S_ticky_KRT is Sticky on the ZwiftPower forum so he knows how ZwiftPower works.

Interesting i haven’t notice this before.
Zwiftpower has a few setups you can make but it’s all based on 20min Power.
You can turn this OFF and run events with different category boundaries.

That is interesting and only 0.1 over category.

And Category Enforcement mentioned in 2019.

@S_ticky_KRT any chance you can tell us which standard power curve ZwiftPower was using then to calculate 20 min power in short duration races? I’m just wondering whether that is still in operation today elsewhere ?!!