First Race got WKG

Did my first race this morning and chose Cat D as that was where my watts put me, after the race I had WKG next to my name on ZP and wasn’t included in the results, after working this out and finding I’m now stated as a Cat C Racer.
My question is does this mean I now have to compete in Cat C races?, the reason I ask is this was my first race and it was on the short Crit course and only 8 laps, by the end I was well and truly done and I wouldn’t be able to sustain the same watts in a Cat C race over 12 laps, or any further distance on other courses so would be well and truly off the back of a Cat C group.

Zwift Power (ZP) will take the best of your last 3 races over 30days (It can be 90 days not 100% sure)

So you can do a few races in C and if you don’t perform above D levels you will be placed as a D.

Zwift power use 95% of your best 20min during any race, so distance is no factor.

Looking at ZP it seem like your FTP is above the Cat D limits. So enter a few C races and see if ZP lower your Cat.


Distance can matter. It is easier to go harder for a shorter period. Zwiftpower will kick you out if you do a 5 minute race too far over the limits (I didn’t believe it until it happened to me). But in this case the race looks like it was over 20 minutes.

Yeah based on that result you are a C and by a pretty decent margin

Race in C and see how that goes. If you are truly a D then over time zwiftpower will send you back down. But for now you should not race in D

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Oh well back D already, with and almost C, assume I can up to C for shorter races and D for the longer ones?, or will I just keep getting up’d to C? I can hold the pace of C over a shorter distance maybe up to 20k but anything further than that I can’t sustain the watts.
Have to start building my stamina over the coming weeks and months, recovering from a bad bout or arthritis in my knees so hard to keep pushing to often.

For me Zwift power created a lot of mess… left it… I have lost a lot of “drops” from previous history rides… category is ONLY calculated your FTP divided by your weight. No argue. Doesn’t matter your state and mood… not user- friendly, so left it.

I don’t understand this one: ZP does not effect “dropz” or XP.

I have had over 400k drops and after registration and on June 1 … after the update of software my drops end up at ~110k.
I did ask and send screen shots, but Zwift just quiet and no answer at all. Lost my Ride for all and other jerseys… Ride for all returned on June 3 but rest of the races earned jerseys are gone.
I have left ZP and happy riding with no crazy restrictions and unknown “clean ups” without any explanations.
Do not understand ZP at all

… so why to leash yourself with ZP… I did put some “steam” over the sprint at the finish and was disqualified because put over 1000 Wt…
Logic then: go out, deregister, push! I did that and come back with all “non-ZP” rides out of ZP limits gone with all trophies (jersey, drops, etc.)
If someone said “…it shouldn’t happen!” Than, IT DID HAPPEN!

ZwiftPower is a third party site that can only read your data, t does not have the ability to send data to Zwift. It is like linking Strava or Garmin Connect to Zwift.

Zwiftpower does a good job helping people stay in the correct category and it keep them honest tracking weight, height and trainer calibration.

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Let’s be clear, Zwiftpower (ZP) is a 3rd party site, it is not an official Zwift website and operates completely separately. If you unregister from ZP you do not lose any drops, XP, achievements, etc. in Zwift. If you get disqualified from a race on ZP due to being over the category limits or any other reason, you do not lose any drops, XP, or achievements in Zwift.

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Putting the inexplicable loss of zwift stuff to the side (maybe you swapped accounts accidentally?..I’ve seen that happen too -check your documents/zwift/accounts folder) I don’t see how using zwiftpower is leashing yourself. If I get a WKG DQ in ZP that isn’t really any different to not being on zwiftpower. If I get a WKG DQ then I’m proud of my super effort and I try the next grade up in the next race of a similar distance. In fact, last Friday crit I was close to getting a DQ in B (I came third on ZP) but because I averaged 4.2 w/kg I’ll probably race A grade this Friday and see if I get dropped.


Hi Alex,
May I ask what your setup is? I had a look at your Zwiftpower profile (14 Races) and I think compared with estimated FTP and 20 mins power is your short time power not realistic.

FYI - in results at Zwiftpower … ZP means Zpower, and AFAIK is not allowed in some races. WKG means you were in the wrong category.

I am on a flow trainer… fully digital… also have calibrated Garmin 1000 . Power and all other Criteria are fully matched. What is the reason for not realistic? I am at Cube pro race bike, nice Italian flow trainer. FTP 229 with 65.2 kg weight…

I did race and found myself found more and can do better, so got disqualified because of the power put on the race… ooops… why should I loose what I have done and proud of?

… but I did lost drops and gears in garage when get registered in ZP, not after de register … it may be system issue because of June 1 system upgrade… but as an coincidence drops , jerseys, some trails completed are LOST.
It took me 2 weeks to ride again without ZP profile…

Hi Alex,
do you mean Garmin Edge 1000? I did not find anything else, this is a bike computer. My question was more about your power measuring - have you a powermeter?
Why not realistic … I did not make exact statistics and am not racing now (riding outdoors in summer), so it was just a short look into some race results. Compared with some 20min - 5min - 1min - 15s power of people racing in A or A+ seems your 15s power really high.

Edit - if you losed drops etc you should contact Zwift support (and be pacient).

Yes Edge 1000 bike computer. Power meter is at Tirbo Muin Elite B+ flow trainer… that’s very precise with all sensors on it as it’s connect d instead of the rear wheel.
I did have some personal record high cadence and power on small front and 1st out of 11 rear gear, while on the big front and 11th ear is can be very high power but with much lower cadence as it’s a killer.
Sometimes I do have such great strokes and in Zwift it works perfect with ZP disqualifying such rides. So now not playing with ZP registry. Just riding with the normal Zwift profile.
Not outside on the road yet, but for the road I have Heart, speed and cadence sensors Garmin, but power - Power Pod with FW640+

How do you pair your trainer, In Zwift power it shows as a speed sensor?

One other thing, you might want to update your strava profile it still show you as 91.6 kg

Thank you. I have full sync with Zwift and Garmin, Strava is “3rd party” profile as many friends using it. I have full profile on Zwift. I didn’t sync my Thrbo Muin trainer to Strava. You see that even FTP is not here but in Zwift.
That’s OK. I did ask Swift, got reply that all will be answered. That’s OK, I continue to ride Zwift, ZP is complicated and with all manipulations to do, as you said I did change my login name as asked and have all kind of mess.
ZWIFT is enough… ZP - for those who is not making mistakes and happy to loose rides where they are not riding but keep track on tech restrictions