Which category to race in

Hi, I am relatively new to zwift racing. Absolutely loving. My zwift power says i am almost a C and the past two races i got a WKG and in yesterday’s race i got bumped to C. I was just wondering is it best for me to enter into C races from now on. I have really enjoyed the past D races and really pushed myself and felt on power with the other racers. I am just worried at going to C and being left at the back chasing.

Any help much appreciated


Minimum Category D Almost C 5 races
95% of 20min 190watts / 2.63wkg
95% of 20min 166watts / 2.21wkg
95% of 20min 161watts / 2.18wkg
Average 172watts / 2.34wkg

If Zwift Power has you at C then you must race in C.


Thanks Gerrie, it says D almost C. Is it best just to move up?

You are very close and if you already get WKG then it may be better to upgrade.

It is a hard call.


Embrace your new category and don’t worry if you initially struggle in C.

Use it as inspiration to continue to improve.

Ride On!

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Appreciate it, i’m just going to start racing C. Kinda annoying though as it seemed just as you get competitive in a Cat you get moved up.

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That’s the way of the world in competition. Consider it a promotion based on performance. One day you’ll look back and say I used to be a good Cat C rider.

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I did my first C race yesterday, super hard going especially trying to stay in the peloton. Glad i did it, I managed to finish 28th (12th on Zwiftpower) and achieved a 2.7 w/kg. My average is still 2.48 which is kind top D/C but i think i made the right choice to move up. Interestingly looking at times i would have came first on Zwiftpower if i raced D (although i would have been bumped I’m sure). I am still not sure how i feel about the way it’s all works as there will be some races were you exceed yourself pushing to win but will end will be almost penalised


Something is weird there.

It look like the WKG event was not used for the calculation.


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Think i have just figured it out, i may be due to the race lasting less than 20 mins


As u do the C races and you finish with a overall time faster then the fastest d Grp then u should stay a C but if u find you are finishing slower most of the time, then u mgt consider Gaining weight, lift weights and maybe you get moved back to D one day .