DBR SufferDay League VI Today 10:30

Hi. I didn’t understand why I was been DNF cause wkg. Before the race i was b. After the race became A. Someone could help me? Many thanks

You exceeded the B cat boundries during the race so you were DQ’d. 4.4 w/kg is well into the A cat, you are now listed as an A on zwiftpower. It doesnt matter that you may have still been a B before the race, you must have been on the edge of A.

You must have been A before the race - look at the info in your profile:

Edit - it was 3,96 before today’s race, so B almost A. But you had 20 min with 4,4 W/kg today, you are A now. Congratulations!

WKG is issued when 95% of your best 20 minute power is more than 0.1w/kg above category limits.

If you reach out the the event organiser they may consider removing the flag.

They also may not.

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Hi Marco,
As others already have pointed out, then you went above the category boundaries.
Looking at your data, then eventhough you have been fairly close to category limits in your previous races, then it hasnt been dangerously close. The race did not have a 20 min long climb, where racers are pushed near or over category limits.
All that leads me to believe that your trainer or powermeter might have been slightly miscalibrated.
If it is the case, then you can reach out to zwiftpower@zwift.com and have them look at your data.
I can however not with good conscience, toward the other racers, reinstate you in the results.
Hope you enjoyed the race anyway. And congratulation on the improvements :slight_smile:

DBR Event Leader and DS.

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