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I raced in a crit that had A-E. I am a C rider (not almost B). The C race was too high 3.2-3.5, so I entered D (2.5-3.1). Overall WKG at race end was 2.8. On ZP the guy who won had numbers from a standard D race and all of riders above him (inc me) not shown on ZP and I got a WKG.

I thought I entered right category but get WKG. How come?

Welcome Pauly,

C would usually be 2.5 to 3.2 and D is below 2.5 and if we are talking zwiftpower category everything is based off your best 20 minute segment in the race.

Do you have the zwiftpower event link or what race was it will help explain it easier if I could see the results.

Edit found the race now and yes WKG means you entered the wrong category. You are a c rider (average between 2.5 and 3.2) and entered a d race which would be for riders below 2.5

Thanks for the reply Gordon

Ive found next Mondays race with the same category divisions (same as one entered last Monday)

and taken a screenshot

This is why I entered D and was 2.8kg for the whole race. Should I still have entered C?


That is some non-standard category limits but organisers have the option to do so if they wish but then they should be updating zwiftpower to reflect such changes as to not WKG riders that race out of standard cats.

So either the cats on the event need adjusted or ZwiftPower needs configured differently for that event. @JamesBailey any idea who manages these events?

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they have setup custom parameters rather than using the standard zwiftpower ones which would explain why you had a dq if ZP have based your numbers on their values not the race organiser value

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@Brett_Mac I believe is the organiser.

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Ah OK, so ZP doesn’t auto recognise custom parameters? Up to the organiser to update.

Correct. Zwift can only use the default cat limits for automatic results beyond that I think it might be a very manual process for organisers to sort.

I could be wrong on that as there are so few events using custom limits it’s not something I’ve played around with.

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OK understandable if not always updated. I was fourth so not bothered, but if i had of missed out on that bronze cup, well :laughing:

Thanks all for info

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Thanks @JamesBailey for tagging me. That was an error to DQ that rider. I’ve updated the results to remove the DQ.
Good news is he came 1st in ZP. The 3 in front mustn’t be registered on ZP :slightly_smiling_face: