Wkg why?

Hi there, I just got WKG from NZ tri race. I have raced with the same weight for 30 odd races and haven’t had this before. What does it mean?

𝐖𝐊𝐆 - Over Category limits. Even if a rider enters the correct category they may still be DQ’d if they breach the limit. Example:- Cat C limit is 3.19 w/kg for 95% of 20 mins. We allow a 0.1 w/kg leeway to go over so a C rider who puts out 3.3 w/kg will be DQ’d. See Category Enforcement above.



Thankyou. Either the race I done last night or this one (I was that buggered cant remember) it flashed up about my FTP changing to 319. I see now it doesnt change automatically on my ZPower profile, how do I change this, and has that effected my WKG. Sorry completely new to riding and haven’t a clue- just get on and pedal as hard as possible for as long as possible.

The FTP setting in Zwift Power does not impact the calculations.

To change your FTP go to Profile - settings.

Your performance has increased nicely, soon you will race as in the B cat.


Thankyou for your help, how do I go up to B grade?

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Once Zwift Power show you are a B then you need to enter races in the B cat.

If you are going to keep performing at your current level you might as well enter the B groups now so you don’t get wkg again.