Category and w/kg

I just finished a race in Cat C and the top 36 riders all have an average w/kg of over 3.2. I thought zwiftpower fixes these results? The person in first place was 4.1 w/kg.


Please read: Why Was I Flagged? Is This Other Racer Legit?

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Ya, it’s both w/kg AND ftp so as long as your ftp is below the upgrade limit one theoretically can lower their weight to elevate their w/kg and never be upgraded.
Personally I think Zwift puts too much emphasis on weight when calculating speed thus encouraging “weight doping”. Just my opinion.

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Thanks for an actual answer Bob

Actually after looking at it 2 of the top ten riders say in their zwift power profiles that they are Cat B riders, one shows he is not registered to zwift power. So can somebody explain that to me?

Aero Army Wyn TT Series

Today 14:30
The Bell Lap 3 Laps 6 km
All riders visible Scoreboard No Powerups Women only category

ZwiftPower category overrides wkg

Zwift and Zwiftpower results are separate. In Zwift his result will show but in Zwiftpower results if he is a B and entered as a C he should have a UPG and no placing. Always go to Zwiftpower for actual results. Zwift results don’t filter out cheaters.

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That what I am talking about…he placed first in zwiftpower and is clearly a B. I’m not talking about Zwift results, I’m talking about zwiftpower results…they are not working like they use to.

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I might be closing this thread soon.

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Unless the person you speak about just got upgraded to a B because of this event then they raced as a C. I did look at your March 8th race and the winner looks very suspect. His history is full of DQs.
If you are serious about racing you might want to give RGT a try. It’s free and very different.

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Firstly, it’s a 6km race and people are finishing in under 10 minutes. So you should be able to do above your FTP for under 10 minutes. That is not unusual.

Secondly, the race conditions are set to (Riders exceeding w/kg will be upgraded) compared to the normal (Categories enforce w/kg boundary). If the race was set to the latter condition I believe that would be an automatic DQ for anyone entering the wrong category (B rider entering C cat for example). But the race is set to the first condition (Riders exceeding w/kg will be upgraded) and as the race is less than 20 minutes long ZP cannot compare their w/kg against the limits. Also, I understand that ZP can use 10 minute power to make w/kg judgements. Again though, for a race less than 10 minutes long that is not going to be much use.

Now, don’t ask my why the conditions are set to (Riders exceeding w/kg will be upgraded) and not (Categories enforce w/kg boundary). That’s a question for the race organiser.


Ask the organiser - nothing to do with ZwiftPower or Zwift

Im new to Zwift and first race was yesterday in C. I thought exactly the same. Why are so many people riding out of category? I looked a group D and it was even worse!

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People like to cheat to make themselves feel good. Unfortunately it’s just a downward spiral that other people then cheat to try and make it fair against the cheaters and so on and so on. Unfortunately the world is full of horrible people that will cheat at every opportunity no matter how hard you police it.

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And all you EVER hear are excuses upon excuses and no solutions or resolutions sadly. It’s like walking into a room full of kids and asking who broke the lamp? You never get a straight answer.political answers…deflection of blame…etc. I hope that someday we can get to a better system that eliminates the majority of cheating.

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I just want to add one more thing. I am a huge fan of Zwift and I want nothing more then for it to succeed and go beyond my wildest expectations. But for it to do that I really think they need to quit moving blame and own up to what their shortcomings are and just say yeah we suck at fair racing but we’re working on it and we’re going to get better.

Incase you missed the recent posts from Mark and Flint at Zwift HQ:

Just finished 3R LaGuardia Loop Reverse Flat Race - 6 Laps (19.1km/11.9 162m) (2021-03-13 01:30:00). Same problem, the guy who “won” B cat had well over 4 w/kg in the race, and looking at his profile he is been having over 4 w/kg at least in its last 5 races… The guy is registered with weight of 54 kg. My 12 year old dougther is close to that weight, Come on!

It’s going from bad to worse weight doping!! I bet the riders weight will go up if it’s a flater race lol iam watching a rider go from 60kg to 75kg 65kg all in the same wk depending on what race he chooses (it seems) I just do group rides now no racing no point

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He was racing A, too - and seems to be really strong. Look at his HR, too - not sandbagging. And with 168 cm, he could be 54 kg. I personally (as optimistic one) would say he is not cheating.

I am pretty lost on Zwiftpower after today’s results on my TT race in the C Category. The description for the race state that:

  • Riders going over category limits will be automatically upgraded
  • Riders racing below their category will be disqualified

Neither seem to be enforced within ZwiftPower.

1st place is a B Cat rider. He was a Cat B before the race, this race did not upgrade him. Per the stated rules this should be a DQ per second rule. He has several UPGs for racing C other times but todays race had no enforcement for entering a lower Cat? 19:31 finish time at 3.9w/kg

2nd place is C Cat “Almost B” rider. 19:38 finish time at 3.6w/kg. I suppose this is no UPG or DQ since a 20 minute time was not achieved and the rider did enter the correct Cat. Not much can be said other than at 19:38 and 3.6w/kg the racer has the power to be a legit B but just has not graduated yet for some reason in races that are over 20 minutes.

3rd place is a B Cat rider, same thing as 1st place rider, he was already a B Cat before entering the race and this race did not DQ him, He has several UPGs for racing C other times but todays race had no enforcement for entering a lower Cat?

4th place finisher is a Cat B rider again. It is possible this race upgraded him as I see this was used as one of the three for his avg. Finish time was right at 20:00 and 95% of 20 min was 3.5w/kg. Why was he not upgraded per the first rule?

5th place was finishing time at 20:11 at 3.5w/kg, again why not upgrade per the second rule?

6th place and lower all look legit and I finished 8th.

Who is responsible for enforcement of the rules? Is it something the organizer sets up within ZwiftPower? Is it ZwiftPower itself? Have I missed the boat on how I have interpreted the rules? 1894756

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