WKG Zwift Power

Can someone explain me what the mark WKG means in Zwift power results?
See my attached result last Saturday.
I’m a 64 year cyclist with a ftp of 233, weight 63kg.
Did the c race and no end result in ZP.
My profile says “ almost B”
I find that very strange, there are several riders who have developed more power then me i this race.

Henk Foekema

You put out more 20min power than Cat C allows - see this (for different disqualification definitions).

If the event was using standard ZP cats, then you likely fall into Cat B (though could be A). Cat C is limited to 3.2wkg.

That looked like a nice race, only 5 of the top 25 C finishers were over limit.


haha - one of the better ones eh!

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Also, a FTP of 233 and wt of 63 KG places you well above C cat limits.
233/63 = 3.69


My reply above is incorrect. I realize now you do not meet the minimum watts to be moved up to B therefore you are in the correct category. I don’t understand why you received the WPK warning.
I apologize for my Hasty response.

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Because he exceeded the limits. A better explanation was found on the Zwiftpower forums but I notice they’ve been deleted now.

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Or not: Zwift Power -Login

You’re right, minimum B is 200 and minimum A is 250.
He is a B.

Will be if he continues putting out those numbers, yes. Even though the OP was a C before entering (and therefore entered the correct pen, otherwise it would say UPG), he still went over the limits in that particular race, hence the WKG tag. There’s some leeway allowed, but he exceeded that.

Hello Dave,
It’s indeed confusing these rules, couldn’t find a good reason why it happened.
I think I must update my weight a bit to stay in c group, then the wkg numbers going down.

Er, no you shouldn’t do that. Keep your weight accurate. You are a cat C now but your power numbers are cat B, and that’s why you were disqualified. If you put in one or two more performances like that, Zwiftpower will show you as a B. Not all that complicated.