ZwiftPower category assign

Hi! I guess there is a problem with the category assigned to my FTP, my FTP is 3.5wkg but in watts is 189w.

According to rules, I should be in Category C because the lower limit for Cat B is minimum 200 watts. Am I right?

This is causing trouble with my WTRL team. Could someone please tell me if I’m right or how ZP can modify this?

Thanks in advance

ZP profile: 441145

Looking at your data I would sy yes you should still be a C cat. you can email send a E-mail to



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Has your team captain emailed WTRL race control about it? ZRL races do have an upper w/kg limit different from Zwiftpower so it’s possible you breached that even if your Zwiftpower should still be C. Even if you get Zwiftpower sorted the WTRL system may still DQ you again in C since their system already have you an UPG-B code last night.

If you’ve recieved an UPG-B tag in the WTRL page results for ZRL, you cannot participate in C without being DQ’d, or your whole team DQ’d for the TTT.

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Though the UPG-B tag might come due to their system seeing a B cat in Zwiftpower, end of the day you’ll need to email Zwift and your team captain email WTRL if you want to get it sorted for ZRL.

In the setting in Zwiftpower, there is an option to chose your category. Make sure you select “Let Zwiftpower Decide” and not something else. If its already that, then email Zwift