Zwift Power Results Query

I raced this evening as a C cat rider in the British Cycling TT Series event but Zwift Power isn’t showing my placing, it shows WKG in the first column. I rode these events the last two weeks and it has shown me in the results but not this week. Heart rate was working throughout the ride. And I can see all my data in Zwift Power but do not feature in the events results list. Can someone explain how I can fix this.
Thanks, Sue

WKG means that you exceeded the Watts per kilogramme for category C. So congratulations, you’re about to be told that you’re a category B racer.

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If you look at the Zwift Power results page you will notice a fairly small hidden rule:

A B C D (Categories enforce w/kg boundary)

As far as I can see this rule is not shown anywhere on the entry information. In addition as this is a Category Enforced event you would hope that this rule would not be in place. However race organisers are free to set whatever rules they like for their events. IMO this is a rule the organisers used to use pre CE and they have probably never thought to remove it.

Your 20min ZwiftPower figure is rounded to 3.4w/kg and as such is above the 3.2 category boundary. I believe if you are 0.2 or more above the category boundary you receive the WKG disqualification.

As a light rider it looks like you can continue to hit 3.4w/kg in races and still remain in Category C due to a zFTP being lower than 200w.

If you wish to continue racing British Cycling Zwift races you need to either keep your 20 min power below 3.34w/kg or voluntarily upgrade to race in B cat.

Alternatively look to ride in other, non British Cycling, CE operated races.

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It’s also possible the setting was enabled accidentally (this has happened to me). You might ask the organizer if the DQ was intended.

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Thanks guys for your really helpful replies, very much appreciated. Obviously the training is paying off so I need to enter the B category to be on the safe side :smiley:

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