Category ride query

Hi, I’m a cat C rider averaging about 2.9wkg on an hour race… there’s riders in those races that are winning with cat B Wkg (3.8 - 4.0wkg) …
Why is this still allowed… ? It’s unfair… can’t @zwift sort this out…

The zFTP threshold for C is 3.36W/Kg iirc, which can be ~60mins if their power curve meets the ZwiftHQ criteria.

If the raw Watts zFTP for a C rider is under 200W, they won’t be promoted to B, regardless of their W/Kg for zFTP and zMAP.

The other possibility is that they just got upgraded and won’t be back. It might be possible to give you a more precise explanation if you state the event ID or race name/date/time/timezone.

The best but probably still imperfect solution would be a better category system that isn’t based solely on power numbers.

(By the way @zwift is not Zwift. It’s just some guy.)

Exactly, winner averaged 3.6w/kg in his first race back after 8 months away and has been promoted to Cat B as a result. Back to his old racing category.

Hi @tommy_thompson! Thank you for bringing this concern to the Zwift Forums!
Fernanda here, part of the support specialist team at Zwift.

Is very important that we keep an eye on the category enforcement, I understand how concerning this can be. As @Paul_Southworth previously said, it would be great if you could provide us with the event ID and the name and time if you can contact us via will be great to assist you with this matter and clarify this situation.

We are willing to help!