UPG - class B


Is here somebody who could help me to be back in Cat C. I had two wrong entries and stay in B. I hoped it would correct based on my resent correct entries?


c u in 90 days (:

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No one here can help you. Your only course of action is to follow these instructions from Zwift:

“If you would like data from a ride or rides removed because it is inaccurate (trainer was mis-calibrated, heart rate strap died, entered the incorrect weight, etc.), please write to us at zwiftpower@zwift.com with a link to the ride or rides, and explain the situation to us. We’ll gladly get you sorted out.”


whats your ftp in watts and wkg?

Last FTP was 233 and my weight is 79 kg.


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Oliver Strauß

200w+ FTP equals Cat B

only if ur best [95% of 20min] in 3 races in last 90 days are above Category w/kg limits also :3

FTP limits are only there to aid lightweight riders. prolly >50% of Cat C have >200w FTP :smiley:

There is one race with much more:
95% of 20min 231watts / 3.97wkg
and 3.31 wkg average of three best.

You are C almost B - why are you racing in D?!?

how you track someone down on Zwiftpower?

if it’s one dodgy result, could be funky power meter calibration. have to check HR consistency to tell.
but yea defo shouldn’t be racing in D from the sounds of it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

OP dropped his weight by 30kg for a 100KM event, which has massively skewed his average. Whoops.


Tracking is easy - logg in, Riders, search.

where is “Riders”?

Go on the Events tab first.


noice, ty

Closed thread, I don’t think it is going to be productive at this point.

Ride On!