Category Enforcement Bug - Low C (2.5w/kg) forced into B


Recently I’ve been performing at a low C level with an FTP of around 2.5w/kg.

I had been focused on lower Z2 rides with the pace partners for a while and as a result category enforcement let me enter a cat D race. I took this opportunity knowing I would have a bit of an advantage and clinched my first win with an average power of 2.57w/kg (yay!).

A bit unfair on the other riders, and I fully expected to be locked out of D again and forced to race in C and above, but since then it will only let me enter B and above. That’s >=3.1w/kg which is wayyyy out of my league.

I’ve included my most recent results below. As you can see I haven’t been racing for a while and, whilst I know category enforcement accounts for all riding and not just races, my only other activities have been cat D pace partner rides, so low intensity.

Any thoughts on how I can resolve this?

Edit: I’ve also just noticed Zwift Power classes me as a cat D (almost C) rider. So I don’t know why I’m being locked to B.

have you been doing any works or free rides at a higher pace that might of effected your cat?
or changed weight?

CE only looks at 60 days worth of data so really only that last race plus and free rides/workouts should count

This looks to be a bug, your CP definitely isn’t over 3.2.

Leave it with me.