Category Enforcement Issue Cat C/D

Been racing Cat D for a long while on Zwift, including ZRL for a few seasons never troubling the upper limits on WKG, but just tried entering a regular Cat D sprint series and Cat D isn’t available. Not sure how the calculation has bumped me up as ZP still Cat D.
Any ideas how I can see the data that’s lead to the change?

Zwift say they are working on getting your CE numbers published but in the meantime, I find the easiest way to keep an eye on CE CP is to have your activities fed through to via Strava. It’s not exact, but close enough to let you know what has bumped you over the threshold. The HighNorth calculator is pretty good (for me) too.

Looking at your ZP results, your last ZRL ride looks like an obvious candidate, but then so do some of other recent races. Of course CE is based on all rides so it could well be a free-ride or workout that bumped you over.

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According to Zwift Power you are close the top edge of D. Category Enforcement does not take an average of 3 races, it look at you best numbers.

So my guess is this race put you over:


I had the same issue last year. Was / am a high C, but they wouldn’t let me sign up for C in Cat. enforcement races. I thought no big deal and attempted the B group. Couldn’t stay on with in the first 2 minutes and ended up riding completely alone. Today after not being on Zwift for the summer, I was able to sign up for C, in a Cat enforcement event. It about crushed me (which is good) and I haven’t seen my HR that high for months. Took 25 place, so I had my lunch handed to me for sure. Not sure why they think I belong in B. Something is goofy with the numbers in my case anyway, especially if they move me back up to B for enforcement races.
Sorry for the rant, hope I’m able to continue racing C, as that is clearly where I belong.

I just noticed today looking over my Cat race yesterday that the guy who took 3rd’s 95% number was something like 3.2.
And while he shows as a C on ZP his highest 3 average is like 3.29
How is this guy racing C, let alone Cat enforced C?
Super inconsistent.

Perhaps a light weight rider who doesn’t hit the minimum CP number?

That guy is light and did not go over 200w.