C category race results WMZ friday frenzy, what a joke!

Check out the power results for the C cat (ZwiftPower - Login), so much for limits being enforced…

Doesn’t look like that was a category enforcement race. I tend to look for those now. The more races that are CE races, the more the other ones are going to attract people racing below their cat level I imagine.

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Cat Enforcement does enforcement at sign-up, not after race finish. If someone goes way over they aren’t DQ’d, their CP goes up and they should be in the next category next race.

Any DQ’s on power after the race would be at race organizer’s discretion manually, I think. ZwiftPower has no way to know whether the right category was entered or not as I understand the current system. I would guess that better integrating ZwiftPower with the Cat Enforcement system is on Zwift’s future work plan.