Race category (category enforcement?)

I am assigned in category D in mixed group and category C in women group by zwiftpower

However I am restricted to join mixed group category D race event recently. I don’t know what happen. "

Category Enforcement races do not use the same calculation as ZP does. You can see how it works here: Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022] - FutureWorks - Zwift Forums


There isn’t a women’s only set of categories in the new cat enforcement system yet.

Im a male, and have the ZP classification “Minimum category C - Almost B” in my profile
When I try to enter races with Category Enforcement, I can now only join A and B.
If Im just “almost B”, it doesn’t feel fun to be enforced to race with True B’s

Being dropped in first small climb and then riding by myself. Is that the definition of “cruising”? :slight_smile:

Anyone can explain? Reading all the explanations on new classifications on MAP, VO2, CP vs FTP etc, I cannot understand why I’m now enforced B. Since I am a light rider, this makes it very very hard for me.

Hi @Rick_Grimes

CE is different from Zwift power. With CE you will now be bottom B with a lot of the other top C riders in your situation.

When is Zwift planning on changing over to CE on the ZP rider profile?

Same here, high C cat but based on a -20min race and 5min wattage i can no longer join C cat races. And once you ride one B race you are being pushed over your limit which results in higher wattage just to hang on so there is no turning back :joy:

I’ve just dropped back to C (CE) - it can be done :wink:

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Maybe, but is it healthy? I’m new to zwift and cycling. Been riding for three months now, one month on zwift. Got upgraded twice in one month. Pushing your limits is good but it is not because you can score a goal from across the field once that you can do it everytime. Sometimes you have a good Day or just lucky.
Maybe off topic but with all the metrics zwift has, we should get an ingame warning when to take a restday.


I don’t wish to be harsh but how often have you raced / put in a hard effort since end of February?

A dynamic up AND DOWN category system should be able to take a run of poor performances into account and not just rely on not riding hard for more than 60 days to move down a category.

Really not a dig at you just a reflection on a terrible category system, I’m sure with effort Zwift can do better.

(And I see the wink so you probably know what you have done ?? :shushing_face:)

Not offended at all Ian.

Yes, I do know why. Quality of events (racing, tours etc) is down compared to what has normally been available (for example, still only sandbagging 3R races available in my preferred daily Zwift window), I also have limited time (work, life etc), and finally my age is such that my fitness drops off quicker than it used to … but I am used to jumping between the Cats since pretty much day 1, so with CE, I just do it 30 days sooner :slight_smile:

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