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hello! Yesterday I saw that category B was closed for me. I am a category B rider on zwiftpower and a recent ftp test showed 258wt at 66kg. why did my category B close? what should I do?

Probably tried to join a Category Enforcement race which has different cat requirements to ZP cats. In short, CE looks at your best numbers over the 2-50min power curve based on all rides from past 60 days.

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thanks for the advice! why did it become a category A?


without seeing your profile i wouldn’t be able to guess properly, but if your FTP is lower than 250 then it’s possible you haven’t done any max efforts at shorter intervals. CE relies on the Critical Power training model, which is a bit complex and probably something you are going to have to do a bit of reading on to understand

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You might need to first look at your activity in group ride on 22nd October. Your distance, time, elevation and calories might suggest you have put in a serious effort during this ride.

Your profile is public so I am able to look at your other rides but this particular ride comes up with an OOPS message and I can’t see your ride activity in any detail. If you did not exceed any CE limits during this ride you might wish to contact Zwift support and ask them to explain your CE category change.

As far as I can tell, outside of your ride on 22nd Oct, you have done nothing much since you were a CE B cat on 19th to merit moving to an A cat. However your 3 min and 12 min power numbers do put you within about 0.3wkg of CE A cat with a 2 point CE power metric I sometimes use.(Edit - however the 3 min power number I used was from yesterdays race after, I assume, you had already seen you were CE cat A ? )

Have you checked today whether you are still CE A cat as on yesterdays race you did improve your 1 min - 4 min power numbers.

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seems I’ve been bumped up to A again after a 12 lap crit yesterday, with no way of telling why I was bumped its a bit shitty situation as I cannot hold an A race, how long before this information (where you are over the CE limits) is going to be publicly available for users to see?

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Create a new account and race under that for a few days/weeks - Its what all the cool kids are doing these days with zero repercussions by the sounds of it…

Looking at your Zwiftpower power profile, your 18-60sec power has dropped a bit in the last 30 days.

Are you a victim of lowering sub 2min power increasing your CP model numbers?

might have to get on the takeaways and pork up a bit, seeing as I couldn’t handle the 12 lap crit last night, chucking me into A races seems about right from zwift

@James_Zwift can you let me know where i breached the CE limits as if its a short term power thing I don’t see how that’s really equates to me being able to keep up with higher power riders over 25+ minutes

not sure I would know even if I had, data isn’t provided and available to see
last night i increased my 15s power so that is what you might be seeing, but im not a sprinter and never will be, i can punch out a semi decent short range at times but seeing as my longer range power is never A cat i just get destroyed in A cat races

In the crit, you set Zwifpower 90 day PB W/Kg for sub 18secs, but the rest of that race is all below your 90 day and 30 day PB.

Taking what looks like the most extreme difference in curve, you did 7.93W/Kg for 26secs in the Academy baseline on 17th Sept, but your 30 day best is 7.21 W/Kg.

Edit: Maybe look at your power history somewhere like , where it’s very easy to tweak power history range.

was able to join B races until this morning, so something in the race last night triggered it or some power metric has dropped off from the 60 days

You must be very close to the cat A/B line using whatever calculations Zwift have hidden from us.

I think what actually happened to you is not based on any power outputs yesterday or 60 days ago - BUT you did slightly lower your weight before yesterdays race.

I did, I weighed myself and was down a bit so updated it accordingly, large dominos for lunch today then

I’m only close to the line for A cat on possible 2-7minute efforts, I like my hills, but my longer term power is nowhere near able to keep up with A, perfect example was our F365 race week 1 around R.G.V, I was CE’d A cat and got dropped on the aqueduc kom despite setting a new pb by 2s and close to 8s behind the fastest, ended up on own to finish the race, ending up close to 2m behind the winner, so was not exactly exactly fun

dont actually do that.

You got outed. Plenty of others are still doing it tbf.

Plenty of high profile B\C ZRL riders - ZRL seems to be the catalyst for great many of these types of issues.

i got stalked across a bunch of social media accounts and for 6 weeks in zrl because our team won our division and did exactly 1 day on a trial account, having already apologised to all the race organisers after as soon as i found it was against tos (i had to ask one of them, i didnt know. i have screenshots), and now i am seriously suicidal. the team involved only stopped when i responded to one of their disgusting messages with “i want to blow my brains out with a gun all over your face. i will race next season in B as a corpse”. so that’s why you shouldn’t do it. zwift have not stepped in for their multiple and many ToS violations “because it didnt happen on zwift”. so that’s why you shouldn’t do it

Zwift told you that they couldn’t police Facebook, but that if there was any harassment against you in Zwift Game, Companion or Forums they would happily step in.


that’s exactly what i said in lawyer speak

Sorry to hear that. Here’s one person who wants you to stick around and continue to enjoy what you love.