Category enforcement please help me understand

I don’t mind getting my butt kicked once and a while, but in all the ‘category enforcement,’ races, I automatically get put into the A cat. (It’s the only option presented to me) My FTP is 3.21, I’ve recently done some hard TOW climbing stages.( ADZ 62 for mins) I’m not sandbagging …. I’m 89kg … 1 min 557 watts. 5 minutes 347 and 974 watts for 15. I usually race C’s and do well, but could also race B’s. Please help explain why I keep getting put into the A cat? I race one A, finished last and was hoping to be places at least in B… please help me understand what’s happening here.

Much appreciated Jonathan

Seems a bit crazy - I am at the bottom of ZP Cat B FTP (3.21wkg), your ZP Cat C FTP is 3.04 wkg. Looking through your history (6 months or so), we are fairly much the same throughout the power curve but you have a few kg more to carry so your pure watts are a bit higher, but your previous performances dont count as they only look at the past 60 days (unless you have a bunch of personal rides/training sessions that blow away your official ZP numbers). So no way those numbers suggest Cat A from what I can see.

Here’s the announcement thread where one of the riders has explained how the numbers work. Might be insightful …

If you dont already, hook your data results into Intervals which will provide some CP estimates that relate to this thread.

Hopefully some of the ppl here that know the intricacies of the new system will chime in with some insight for you.


A few things that can help work it out

  • the power page from showing best efforts for various durations in last 60 days (you can configure this in the page options). Ensure you sync all activities, as the new system considers workouts and free rides too

  • your ZP profile link

can you think of anything in the last 60 days that could have caused it to calculated a higher CP? One outstanding effort, dodgy power readings, etc.

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I was in a very similar situation to the OP.

ZP has me at C.
I entered as a C in a mass start race.
Pushed like holy heck.
Got DQ’ed because my effort was too good.

Didn’t even get promotion in to the B results (in which I would have finished second from last).
Gave it everything and got nothing.
ZP still has me at C but I am only offered B Cat starts.

Totally disillusioned and haven’t entered a race since.

Hi @Local_TimePlease

Pen enforcement don’t average 3 races like Zwiftpower it use the CP curve over the last 60 days from all rides, workouts and races.

Just looking at Zwift power I can guess where the B cat comes from.


Hi Gerrie,
Thanks for the reply.
I can’t even begin to understand how it all works…BUT…I absolutely do agree that Cat Enforcement should exist.

Nothing will convince me that I was robbed after I had entered the correct Cat and raced better than ever.

I am still sulking but will get over it eventually.

The good news with Pen Enforcement is if Zwift enter you in a category and you win with a breakthrough performance then you won’t get DQ’ed. You will however upgrade to the next category.

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The DQ on Zwiftpower is in the hands of the organizer…it depends how the event is setup.
If the event is using WKG Enforcement than everyone over the category limits will get WKG code.

That should not be the case with Pen Enforcement events. Pen enforcement should not use any DQ functions except for cheating. That is the beauty of enforcing pens before the race.

i agree that it should not DQ but still it depends on the organizer event setup on ZP…we will start with Cat Enf. this weekend and i setup the event to use A+ Category split option but i’m not sure if it’s looking at Wkg limits.

The organizer should not use ZP categories and pen enforcement, they are not the same and will result in incorrect DQ.

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