Category Enforcement Issue

Can anyone help me with this? I’m a B category racer, and have been for a few months, I’m still showing as a B racer on Zwift Power with a 20min power at 3.86wkg, but since yesterday I’m only able to join A category races. I’ve no idea why?

Any assistance appreciated as this is already spoiling my fun on Zwift!

Hi Don,

Category Enforcement doesn’t use the same 95% of 20 minute power boundaries as Zwiftpower.

You have done 4.18w/kg for 20 minutes in the last 90 days which will almost definitely be the reason you are only able to enter into A. (Threshold is 4.1)


You must have the patience of a saint James.

When are CE cats due to be displayed on Zwift Power?

I don’t have an answer for that, but I’ve asked for the categories to be tweaked to cat limit + 5% in line with Zwiftpower to ease the confusion.

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Thank you for your reply James, I’m sorry if this is a common question, I did have a quick look to see if anyone else was having this issue and didn’t see anything. I don’t really use the forum unless I have an issue.

One good day on a short 13mile TT tips me over and blocks me from riding as a B seems harsh, I joined a chase race as an A rider yesterday, with just one other A rider admittedly, and the B’s just rode away from us. I’m not sure where I go from here race wise now

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Hey Don,

The first post in this thread is a good starting point: Category Enforcement - How is my category calculated? [February 2022]

In honesty, if there were only 2 As and a bunch of Bs, there’s a chance they would be faster because of the draft.

Have a go at one of the Classics events (or anything with a bigger field) and see how you get on before feeling like there’s no value in racing anymore.

You can use the ZwiftHacks events app to search for races that do not use category enforcement. In the example below, the race that has “ce” in the last column has category enforcement enabled. The other one does not. Category enforcement is increasingly popular because it reduces cheating, but riders who have just crossed the boundary to a new minimum category are often frustrated by their sudden inability to compete.

Thanks for the link James.

It’s interesting the talk of Crit Power being used to calculate category.

The 4.18wkg race was 20th July and I was still able to race as a B on the 23rd and 24th. I did 4.3wkg on the 24th but it was only a short race.

I did a crit power test on the 6th August and set new power PR’s from 5sec through to 3min (8.24wkg)

Then I set a new 5min power of 5.44wkg during a MAAP ride on the 7th August and I’m wondering if these are more of a factor in the upgrade than one 4.18 for 20mins.

Thanks for the info also Paul, I’ll look out for that. Also races with categories that start at the same time, it was always hold on to the A’s as long as you can for a good result as a B, so nothing much will change on those races, apart from I’ll be in the A results, and lower down now, but the race itself won’t change, I guess.

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Any Zwift effort in any mode (not just races and TTs) over 2mins can affect your Critical Power curve enough to trigger a pen promotion, once processed, usually by ~1500 BST the next day.

ignore the 20 minutes parameter, it doesn’t exist for cat enforcement only for zwiftpower


Is there any chance that you share your account with someone that weighs 66kg?

I don’t share an account James

We’ve seen your account bouncing between 66 and 82kg and it looked like the last CE refresh was done against someone weighing 66kg.

Or am I completely baffling you?

Hope you didn’t mess up this topic…

Maybe 2 many complaints :see_no_evil:

You’re losing me James.

I’ve not been 66kg for a long time, and never in the 3 years or so I’ve been on Zwift. I’d never cheat the system and race underweight and can’t ever recall dropping my weight, maybe I did for a test or something but I can’t recall.

I have been heavier, and do admit to increasing my weight once when at the top of AdZ for a bit of fun to see how fast I could get back down…on a free ride

Definitely not making any accusations here :slight_smile:

I asked one of our developers to have a look at your account and he thought he saw weight changes - which would definitely explain why you were categorised incorrectly.

He thinks that if you do a ride today your category should be fixed tomorrow when the system updates.

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Any Zwift ride can affect category enforcement. With CE you have to maintain correct weight in all rides, not just races.

My account in Zwift Power shows D almost C but I am now only allowed to enter C races. How can this be until I am actually classified as C? Also riders who beat me in a race last week using less watts are still D riders. Confusing

Hi Paul,

You’ve done 2.6 and 2.7w/kg for 20 minutes in your last 2 races. That’s definitely what we would expect for someone in C.

The Category Enforcement system uses your best effort rather than best 3 that Zwiftpower uses.


seeing as people are very very entrenched into zwiftpower, I’d suggest having a separate tab/area for showing category enforcement data on ZP

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