Category Enforcement Issue

until we get a ranking system then yes results in a race makes no difference to category.

If you are finding riders finishing higher than you with lower w/kg then probably good thing to practice some race craft…draft more be lazy :smiley:

If there is a significant weight difference then the cat system is not great at accounting for this and does favour the heavier riders on Zwift

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Except for the ultra light weights with the hard absolute and arbitrary watt floors where they suddenly have a major benefit. There is a large benefit there for lighter riders, till they hit the watts limit.


yep swings heavily back to the lightweights/kids if you can keep below the wattage floors. These really need to be variable based on weight rather than a fixed value.


Also, if there are rides which usually don’t appear in ZwiftPower (because they aren’t races) but affect your CE category, there should be a tab or filter to display them also. Transparency is key.

Is this not the activities tab on your zwift power profile? that show everything that you do on zwift or do you mean something different?

Doesn’t need to be any additional tabs.

The thing to bear in mind for CE, is that EVERY time you ride on Zwift (free, race, workout etc) can affect your CE category.

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Also sometimes there’s a bug in ZwiftPower where it doesn’t upgrade you correctly but leaves you on “D almost C” (or C almost B, or B almost A). I’ve seen a handful of riders where their three best results are all definitely over the limit, but ZwiftPower still doesn’t force them to go up to the next category for some reason, which of course means they can still access the lower cat races if it’s not a Cat Enforcement race.

that’s rare, only times i’ve seen that is when they have just done a race pushing them over and waiting for profile refresh or the very rare case where it looks like zp admin are holding down a riders cat. usually as a result of contacting zp for trainer changes etc.

If you have any examples it would be interesting to see.

Given the number of daily created threads on here, people are “conditioned” to go to ZP to find out their current category.

The system also has to be transparent - James does a great job of dropping into every thread and looking up every user who lands here, but I think we can all agree that his time could be better spent than being tied up like that.


yes any ride you do affects cat enforcement, but that data should be able to be analysed like a race can on ZP but at the moment people are guessing at what data is being used for their cat and I’d say the majority are still equating the cat enforcement with ZP ratings and they primarily wil lgo to zwiftpower and then see a different category and wonder why

at the moment zwiftpower is nearly fully transparent where you can see all the riders data that encapsulates their category for non category enforced races

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I can point you to the following thread I posted on these forums back in August 2021, the first time I saw this happen. Link: How is this person still in D?

Since then I’ve seen it happen at least twice more (plus have had a few other people mention to me that they’ve also seen it), but now knowing that it can get sorted out by a quick e-mail to Zwift Support, I haven’t posted on here about those cases, so don’t have more details to hand right now.

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It could be the Activities tab, though for whatever reason, ZP has decided to show you less useful calculated info there, such as Avg HR and Calories, which don’t have much to do with CE.

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Hello @James_Zwift could you please check my account too? Im normally B rider and after iTT in Bologna Im entforced to starting in A category in races where CE works. Its makes no fun for me. Im not so strong to go with A riders. Im definetly not able to racing with A racers. I have checked my CP and it is below cat A. MAP ist below too. I cant understand why Iam now after a short iTT entforced to starting in A cat. My ID is 58565.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Radek

The drop off in your power curve at 16 mins probably plays a part in it - If that was consistent it would likely put you over the B mark into A

You are right on the cusp of A/B so its not that hard to see why you might get bumped.

Edit to add - With all those ‘achievements & results’ in your ZP profile, I think you will do just fine in A once up to speed.

You’ve done 4.21w/kg for 20 minutes in the last 20 days. Whilst this isn’t your CP, it’s a good indicator that you meet criteria for A.

Your CP is 304W (4.22W/kg)

The drop comes from iTT Bologna last days. The 8km iTT duration was 17 Min and this iTT was my best effort on Zwift. Thats why you can see drop after 16Min in my Power Curve. It not means that I can put so strong for 20 min or more and 100% not for so long that I can ride normal races during 45min.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Until Tuesday 23.08 I was able to starting in B please see my races from this day. I rode 2 races. My power 4,21w/kg must be done on 14.07 because all other races were weaker so that has no impact on CE because I was still able to starting in B.

The CP which you write must be affected from my iTT on Bologna 8km 17Min effort. 304W I would like to have :slight_smile: My FTP is below 300W and there is no possibility that I can sustain this.

Gotta LOL at a power curve that’s higher for 30 mins than for 20 :slight_smile:


I was interested in who actually beat him - There is a rider (i wont link) who did this in B cat in back to back races 45 mins apart.


B cat :rofl:


Yes, please see where comes data from. As I wrote on 23.08 I rode iTT 8km 17min what was my best effort on Zwift. The 30Min. Power comes from other event and it was iTT too but longer and in May. But I understand that you see only power data and nothing more.