How is this person still in D?

Got beaten into second place in a D race today by someone whose ZwiftPower stats clearly show he should be in C (best three results all over 2.5wkg), yet the system only has him as “Almost C”. He’s also not a lightweight, so he’s not qualifying due to low watts either.


Can anyone explain how this can happen?

No answers, but I’ve seen this sort of thing happen a few times, recently a “B almost A” who was comfortably over 4.0/250W. As it happens he won the B cat race I was in, but was disqualified on ZP for 20 min power, that was 6 weeks ago and on checking he is still B nearly A, still over 4.0/250 and still entering B cat races. Shrug.

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I think you found a bug in Zwiftpower.

Please send a E-mail to


E-mailed and the team have sorted it. Person now categorised correctly in C.

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