Can’t enter D races

Hello can someone explain me why i can’t enter D category races? I just started racing on zwift and on categories enforced races just let me enter on C category races. Someone knows how to fix it? I can barely make it on D🥲 thanks!

Your race on 8th Sept in Stage 1 - Get Rolling just tipped you over the CE Category C boundary of 2.62 w/kg for CP. Congratulations on your ZP win in that race.

You are still a ZwiftPower Cat D so you are permitted to race in that category in non Category Enforced races for a few more races before, I’m sure, your racing improvement will make you a Cat C under both systems.


Ok understood and thanks a lot for your reply Ian, i will keep training to get better on C category races m​:muscle:t2::biking_man:.

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