Can't race in category enforced races

I am listed as a Cat. C and you can tell by my races that’s where I belong. But all the category enforced races will only allow me to join Cat. A. No idea why this is happening but I can’t ride in my favorite races. All other categories say restricted, what can I do to fix this problem. Thx

Had a quick look at your ZwiftPower numbers and sorry can’t help you.
Only fix I can suggest is you invest in a new set of home scales as they seem to be all over the place.


+1 Zwift category enforcement looks back 60 days, so if your weight is recorded properly, it should automatically converge on the proper minimum category after 60 days.

Yeah, my guess is you tripped a category boundary when your weight was low.

Some possible places where this might have happened:

  • On 4/7/22 you raced at 77.1kgs, and hit a record w/kg for your 20min power.

  • On 4/5/22 and 4/8/22 (the days pre and post your 77.1kgs) you raced at 95.3kgs. You took 3rd place in C on the 8th.

  • On 3/29/22 you hit your max 5min, 1min, 30s and 15s w/kg at a weight of 81.7kgs.

  • On 3/31/22 you were racing at 95.3kgs again.

So my guess is you tripped a CP or MAP boundary in that 3/29/22 race, or perhaps in another ride while your weight was well under 95.3kgs.

Whoopsy daisy.


2 people sharing an account by any chance?

Yeah, I lowered my weight the first time it wouldn’t let me race in my category, then said screw it and just put it back. I’m not on here to cheat or whatever people do, just here to improve my endurance. I’m a mountain biker, so when I can’t get out I zwift. My goal is to definitely continue to move up in categories. I love doing the short Crit races but it won’t let me race as anything but an A and I end up trucking around by myself the whole race.

So sixty days from that race I lowered my weight, zwift power should correct itself and hopefully I can go back to Cat. C. Thanks everyone

Yeah, I think that’s the case. There’s no great way to really view your MAP/CP values in the game right now (best to check CP out using in the meantime - though it’s not perfect since we don’t know the exact algo Zwift uses), so it’s hard to tell for sure which specific race tripped the boundary - it might be that crit crusher on 3/29, but the one on 4/7 might have as well.

Weight at the time of an activity isn’t factored in for the Category Enforcement races so incorrect historical weight data wouldn’t affect current category placement. I can’t see which specific rides are causing your CP to be calculated high, but looking at your activities I’d say it’s most likely that free ride on March 29th that seems like an outlier compared to the rest of your performances, and maybe the free ride on April 15th too

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I noticed this discussed yesterday in the cat enforcement thread. Sorry @Brian_Smith8 , before that discussion I thought your weight at the time of the activity would matter.

That said: If the weight at the time of the event doesn’t matter it’s odd to me that Brian was bumped to A, and not just B based on what I saw in his stats, the only way it would have made sense to me is if his weight at the time would have tripped another boundary. Do you see any stat that would force him into A?

Without having an efficient way to check the other plot points such as 2/5/10/30 min power on those non event rides that don’t have the Race Report and Power Curve in ZwiftPower it’s difficult to say, but running the fit files for those outliers through would probably create a better picture of what the CE system is seeing


Brian - My earlier comment had a little dig at your weight changes, probably not very helpful to you. I didn’t think you were an A category racer and suspect you are a C cat getting very close to B Cat.

With CE it looks at all your Zwift riding not just those events/races which feedback to ZwiftPower. If you look at your CA Activities Timeline analysis from your ride on 15th April you will notice that you held a reported flat line power of exactly 442 watts for the first 9 minutes 52 seconds of that ride, before dropping to your more normal levels.

I suggest this trainer or IT malfunction is the reason CE is now putting you in Cat A. If you report this to Zwift Support I’m sure they can correct it.

Hope this helps you more than my initial comment !!!

when does weight get taken into account for determining which category you are in?

At the point of calculation (which is daily afaik)