Category enforcement question

Good afternoon,

I m a Cat B racer with the best effort of 20 min is 3.9 and 220w
as I m 57 kg .

I have read the race category enforcement system.
I don’t think that my MAP or CP will excess the limit of Cat B.

But I m forced to play in CAT A, in all the category enforcement race.
Here is my zwiftpower profile.


Do you mean you are Cat A for all Open CE races or for all Women Only CE races.

You exceed the women only CE limit of 3.88 wkg

I suspect your hill climb effort on 4/11/22 might just tip you over the All Open CE limit of 4.2wkg.

I do not know how Zwift estimate CE from 2-50 minute efforts. One calculation I use which uses your 3 minute and 12 minute power brings you in at 4.38wkg.

You have a high 12 min power from your hill climb race on Friday. If you were CE cat B before Friday and are now CE Cat A I suspect that might be the reason.

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Thanks u!
I mean for the all open CAT A which i cant find the reason.
I m sure i should in the cat A for women!

I upgraded after CONTINENTALS ELITE PATHWAY RACE - STAGE 1 - Yorkshire
WITH 20 min 3.9w/kg & np 260…

If zwift use 3 & 12 mins… and 4.38
I m lucky enough coz 4.38 X 57kg = 249.6…
Then I m just on the margin 250w!!!

You must be doctor in maths !!!
Thanks u a lot.!!!

Let us wait for the answer
see if your guess is correct!!!

I think unless you reach out to Zwift privately you could wait a long time to get an answer.

@James_Zwift might be able to let you know your CE numbers, which he has occasionally been able to do, but he may ask that you do this through a request to Zwift Support.

just wanna update u that I m able to play back at Cat B again when I open it ytd!!!
SO all of us are wrong …
I really cant find any race in 60days make me upgraded to CAT A …

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Could you have done a strong effort of at least 10 minutes duration 60+ days ago that has now dropped-off CP the calculation and your more recent 10+ mins efforts are lower power?

I was still able to play in CAT B under the category enforcement on 6/SEP/2022,
The first day I was forced to played in CAT A 18/OCT/2022.
I am able to back in CAT B on 19/NOV/2022.

So, if 60 days rule apply…
It doesn’t make sense.

Also I m not a climber, so I m not good at 10+ min effort…
Here is my profile 1156445.
see if u can find the possible answer.

They’re also changing the boundaries it all the time, so it could be for numerous reasons.

All of this begs the question, when custom boundaries (whether ZP, CE, Ranking based) are possible some day and selectable by race organizers, will it make any sense to publish how the boundaries were determined, or only that there are custom boundaries ‘determined by the organizer’? That is, get racers used to the idea that they have no idea why for every race they’re in this or that pen?

Yes they should be published unless it’s a matchmaking format. Obfuscation just confuses people, check out the 7432 CE threads.


i suppose, but the many threads you’re referring to are because there are published criteria – in fact there are 2 sets of them (ZP and CE). The alternative is there are no published criteria whatsoever, though in a ranked system, personal ranking info could be available. In addition to custom cats, the number of the could likewise be variable (4, 5, 10)? One might hope that participants would quickly realize it doesn’t make sense to continually ask ‘why am I only able to select G, B, D’, when the answer could differ for every given posted event.

You also would avoid the current situation, where generally, the entrant pool is heavily weighted to the top end of the defined cat, and fewer riders enter who are in the bottom half of a cat, knowing they’ll likely be riding alone. Not-knowing where a cat you enter starts or ends otoh, makes each race more of a surprise.

the theory is nice but the same type of power profile wins on most courses in all current CE and non CE categories, nothing is going to change there except which sprinter gets to win in a given particular race

i don’t see PD4 changing anything in practise either since the devs have confirmed in the PD4 thread that zwift cannot differentiate between a large pack of riders and a small one, nothing they do to the draft is going to make breakaway attempts worth it if the physics can’t even account for that

i just think it’s better to give the community tools to do whatever they want with the current pens. maybe add or remove a couple if they want too. and also promote community run events within the actual game with some sort of startup billboard or whatever. i don’t like all these ideas that take away agency from race organisers and try to automate everything and smooth everything out so it’s neat and tidy, it’s not working.

edit: sorry, OP, i thought this was the general CE thread

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I think the ride that put you up to cat A for your race on the 18th October was on 16th October, when you did 264W for 9:56 on the Two Bridges Loop segment. Based on this and a few calculations using the best powers I can find around 3 minutes I estimate your CP to have been 4.37 W/Kg after this ride using a 2 point fit. As Ian says above, on 4th November you did 267W for 11 minutes which raised the CP calculation a bit more. You did some Zwift rides over 40 minutes in the last few days, did you have any Zwift rides over 40 minutes before that but still in the last 60 days?

I really have no IDEA , but all of the zwift racing league were over 40mins.

All we know about clearly is zwiftpower profile.
But we dont know the criteria very clearly of Category enforcement…
As we guess, and the only possible reason is that my cp over the upper limit of cat B.
AND this boundary will change over time, not using the 60 days rule.

I have been addicted to zwift for 2 years.
I love all the number and analysis.
I still remember the first day I upgraded in Mixed Cat B.
I m not able to follow the front group, but I keep trying and improving.
Finally, I am able to follow the front group, and feeling more and more easy.

I really dont mind upgraded,
because it proved that u are improving.

But I just wanna know the criteria of the category enforcement.

Have you tried using I have crossed the CE boundaries up and down a few times and has always calculated a new CP for me that crosses the boundary on exactly the same day as the change happens in Zwift.

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I really should just start to accept this farce… but every so often another rider pops along that defies enforcement logic.
In the last 6 weeks. 72kg rider - Cat B (almost A). Winning Cat B enforced races (regularly).
15 sec - 15.9wkg
30 sec - 13.0wkg
1 min - 9.4wkg (a minute!!!)
5 min - 5.1wkg
20 min - 4.3wkg (which looks like took them to the almost A status)

How on earth can the power curve here keep them in Cat B??
Winning Cat A Crits as well as the Cat B enforced races!

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Because its a power based system not a results one, and you can’t start categorising people based on sprint power unless you want to start putting cat Ds in Cat A.

You say it’s a farce, but before it only looked at 20m power x 3 and there was no enforcement!

Its a huge improvement, but the next step is a proper rankings system. See other thread.

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Hence why I quoted his power first… the results just confirming his power numbers aren’t random spikes but regularly deployed in events.
I don’t understand how that power curve can be a cat B - when plenty of profiles are cat enforced A with considerably less power.

At least with the previous system it was logical, visible and understandable and the ZRL races don’t seem to be suffering still using it.

Roll on the ranking system - then we can close about 300 threads on here about not understanding the farce :wink:

How heavy is he? Also suggesting ZRL races don’t suffer from it is hilarious, but thanks for making me spit my coffee out everywhere.


Early Oct 68kg
Mid Oct 70kg
Mid Nov 72kg