Can't race in the right category

Hi, i’m a cat C racer. (zwiftpowerID: 40390)But when i want to register as a C in cat. enforced races, i can’t. Can only register in cat A en B. Anybody got an idea how to get this fixed?

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That does looks a bit strange based on your recent race history. Unless you have done a strong free ride/workout is the only thing that could explain it to me.

maybe @James_Zwift has some ideas.

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Hi @Just_Vervaart_Okimon

I would take a guess and say it was your trip up the ALPE

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I would guess that you’ve gone very hard in some workouts or free riding. Category Enforcement looks at all riding on Zwift. Either that or if you let someone try Zwift on your account and changed to their weight?

CE uses current weight and best power over last 60 days, and uses CP, not 95% of 20min.

I’d say it’s just the “magic” of the CE calculation, which is not the same as ZP uses. You’ve been a B cat on ZP in the past, and CE tends to be a bit stricter than the ZP calculation.